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Good one girl!! Election here is interesting to follow, I quite liked the debates.
Your vote matters A, specially since you are in Florida! :-)

You would get my Vote!

YAY Agnes, Me too!

You have my vote while looking forward to our Presidential election in February 2013! God help us. Anyway, I hate politics!!! Filakia xxxxx

me too

Yay! It's so important to vote. Here in Canada, we're going to be very interested in the US results :)

I voted too! You can't bitch, if you don't vote.

Could be a really interesting night :)

@Michelle: I am glued to the TV!

Me too Agnes. Trying to distract myself, but it's not working well...having flashbacks from 12 years ago.

@Michelle: I can't look away!

My mother in law refuses to put off the telly, and she wants the CNN to be on, till the results are decalred.

hmm..good...your vote matters...

Me, too! But I'm ignoring the TV tonight. I'll tune in in the morning and see the results.

We get fined if we don't vote in Australia - it is compulsory !

And now we know!

The result came sooner than expected. It's been fascinating to watch from afar. (Sydney, Australia)

Liked the way Obama and Romney were "pleasant" to each other - the one in victory, the other in defeat.

Good to see you voted, Agnes. Voting is compulsory here, which I think is not a bad thing.

@Ian: I fell asleep and only found out this morning. Can't say I am surprised, though I would have expected Romney to win Florida and Virgina. I guess, congrats to President Obama then?

Is Florida still trying to figure out who won?

@Robyn: It was pretty close, right? Not as close as in 2000 though :-)

You fell asleep!!??

So much for the gripping quality of this hotly-contested election. :-)

Hi Agnes. I'm looking at trying to get a group together for some type of Antarctica excursion January to April. I knew you were thinking of it. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks and hope all is well ♥

Oops...not sure you were thinking of it. It's just that you're one of the few world travelers I know. I know another person in Tampa whose interested.

@Michelle: Wow I am speechless! Let me email you!

England definitely breathed a sigh of relief when we heard who was elected. But whoever you were rooting for, the most important thing is voting!

Good for you! I voted early on Tuesday. I always like voting early in case I get hit by a bus later in the day. Have they figured out who won down there in Florida yet? (an Antarctica excursion sounds great)

good for you :)

So you happy with the election result, Agnes:)

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