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Oh, that looks so wonderful!! Sigh. Glad you got a break!

Love those autumn leaves! And the cabin set among them. Looks like the ultimate chilling-out place.

Ha! Lucky you. You got a break. And I am sucker for breaks without any technology around me. I am hooked for life!

You've captured the look and feel of Autumn so well. Such vibrant, beautiful warm colours.
And you look so pretty

Happy Halloween Agnes x

The smokies are my favorite!

Oh how lovely!!!!!!

ahhhhhh. Sounds heavenly.
Glad you got a nice break from your nose to the grindstone working life.......and really...you don't need the hairbrush or the make up.

You so deserved a change of environment and I am so happy for you. The pics look great and so do you! I think Autumn suits you well. Richard Brautigan is one of my favorites, so effective in getting you to see things by altering reality-and he writes so well. My favorite is In Watermelon Sugar!

Hey...I bet you are going to create some interesting Holloween get up, eh?

Happy All Hollows! Guess you missed Day of the Dead or is that next day?


@Ernie: I love In Watermelon Sugar! The Sombrero Fallout is probably my favorite (and I still have your copy by the way!).
Well, I was gonna do my comic book character thing tonight, what do you think? What are you gonna be? If you want me to, I can pick up those Obama and Romney masks at the grocery store and we could be The Race (no pun intended) For The White House? Not very original but let me know.

Isn't Nov 1 the Day of the Dead?

hmm...nice to read you....always...

Love the beautiful colors and your eyebrows.

What beautiful colors ...Happy Halloween!

Are you well?  You do not look it


@Guenther: See, this is why you should never leave the house without hair and make up.

@Agnes---Glad you like the book. Yea sure, let's do some Holloween. What comic book character should I be?

@Ernie: Dick Tracy?

@Ernie: p/s, why do you keep saying "holloween"?

A couple weeks ago I spent a few days in a cabin on the Au Sable river--it was a nice retreat. The Smokies are wonderful in the fall, glad you had a good time. I've never read Brautigan, but have always wondered about "Trout Fishing in America." Is there any trout fishing in the book?

@Sage: Well, kind of.

great place for a hot tub. I have many Smoky Mountain memories.
I like you Halloween pepper.

Agnes ... Love the pictures. What a beautiful place. Makes me want to stop at Starbucks on the way home and paint a few leaves in my backyard.

Gorgeous photos!! Our leaves have all fallen and we're in that dreary pre-snow phase where it's just not all that pretty for a while! :)

@Agnes Dick Tracy! Perfect. Goes so good with your "toon" photo. (Btw...Lichenstein show coming up in DC. Should go!)

Regarding Holloween? Ah, too many years in Hollywood! Which is, in its own way, halloween, or should I say, Hollowierd. Tonight, on Hollywood Blvd. is usually a parade that needs to be seen to be believed. (Or maybe even believed to be seen :)

You do the seasons so well....can' t wait for winter. Remember the shots from last Xmas that I took?

oh YEAH!!!! So glad for you

Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
Comfort Spiral

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> < } } (°>


The pumpkin bell pepper stole my heart! How cute is that!? Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos Agnes.

WoW - lovely images. Colorful. Thanks for sharing. Nature - The best.

Less is more, right? Thanks for the great photos!

With such beauty around, indeed one can never go wrong! Absolute beauty :-)

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