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Love the photos! Autumn brings lots of beautiful colours here - although today we had a few inches of snow! Not quite ready for that yet. :) Hope you have a great few days being kidnapped! :)

have a good kidnapping

Where are you being kidnapped to ???

Kidnapping could be fun in such a situation, Agnes:)

Whoever thought a kidnapping would sound fun :)

I love the small space with the tables and palm trees. A great spot for cozy chats over coffee.

Nice pics! And, I prefer my Android,thank you :).

Aaaah the iPhone 5 has been haunting everyone's conversations lately! :) Even if it's not yet launched here...
Have a good October :)

Hope you are having a great time away 😊 by the way you are not alone I too haven't upgraded to an iPhone 5 😉

So don't keep us in suspense! To what exotic shore are you being abducted?
Like the little nook, where you presumably took your tea.

Have a great trip as you head off to unknown destinations (or maybe you know by now)!

Always such gorgeous photos on your wonderful posts:)!! <3!!

Ah, so you are enjoying gorgeous days down there and there's more in store! Looking forward to hear all about your kidnap story once you get back :)

Thanks for the post Agnes. I look forward to them! More, more please. As the seasons turn, I know I can look forward to your pics and your take on the environment. Share your "kidnapping" photos ...please.

Love the accidental sunset! Wonderful photos, as always.

Love the photos, stunning as always. Enjoy your time with Sarah. x

Slice of life, I like seeing it. It reminds me you exist in the world and that makes me happy.

Great hearing from you. Happy kidnapping adventure :)))

btw Agnes, if your kidnapping includes some time for reading, my book The Unintentional Jihadi (set in Singapore and Malaysia) is available for free downloading from Amazon until midnight US West Coast time Saturday (October 13).

October is my favorite month too. The weather is perfect! I hope you enjoy your kidnapping. Who would've ever thought I'd say that?

Coffee with friends is the best I reckon.
Enjoy being kidnapped Agnes and have a great weekend x

Can't have enough of your wonderful photos! Hope your kidnapper spoils you rotten!

When being kidnapped for a holiday is inevitable, enjoy it! :D (I hate the actual saying!) Psssstt... Who u voting for?

Getting kidnapped by a friend sounds like great fun. Enjoy it.

What a lovely way of talking it through images!



@Bins: Most likely Romney.

have fun!

I can't wait to hear about the kidnapping! Glad you're getting some time off!

love your photos! Sunday in our Bible class, last night at bunko and today at book club all anyone wanted to talk about were the elections..always interesting points of view.

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