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Comic strip for sure! I know you will create it with your usual panache! Hey....how about one for your friend Ernie? :)

Cleopatra? You were an awesome Marilyn and I'm sure whatever you choose will be fantastic. Can't wait :)

@Michelle: Bingo, Cleopatra!! Or?? The girl with the dragon tattoo? Scratch that, I'm too curvy to be Lisbeth.

I've never been good at costumes - and now I tend to avoid it altogether! Sounds like you're having fun with it though :)

Geisha!!! Oh my how beautiful you would look!

I'm voting Cleopatra too! I know you can pull it off.

Cute idea!

Pulp fiction?

@Sage: Brilliant!!

Geisha? Madama Butterfly, perhaps. How's your voice?

Your enjoyment of coffee I thought you might goes as a coffee mug or bag of fresh ground. I really don't have ideas as you can tell. A wig is all it takes? Share the pic of whatever it becomes.

comic strip!

We don't have Halloween so I am hopeless in this department !! Sorry !!

Lara croft! You'll look amazing whoever you chose.

I agree w/Sage!.. You'd be a kickass one!!

A living Roy Lichtenstein painting, that's what you should be! Have a floating thought bubble over your head and you will be the hit of the party!

@Marty: Is there a dark haired Lichtenstein character though? I guess I can just use my own hair and be the blonde one...

I'm sure your costume will be great no matter what you decide. Love the pic! :-)

Comic strip! that would be really really fun

I was going to say vampire but Sage is right. Pulp Fiction would be perfect. Or Morticia Adams :)

Want a costume wig? Christmas day is coming and coming. Maybe you can visit goodyardhair to find what you want.

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