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Wow!!! That's amazing!!! So cool!!


Warm Aloha from Honolulu
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Can just see you as the femme fatale in a film noir.

I'm impressed. Looking good and cartoonish. You should multiple thought bubbles for those different moods.

This is amazing work! IT is really good!

I really like what you've done here Agnes.
I was looking at your photos yesterday from my tablet and didn't want to comment in case it wasn't you. Haha excellent photos, effects and make up.

You've got a very big YES from me Agnes
And hope you enjoy x

p.s. can you believe it's nearly Christmas again? Time goes by so fast sometimes

Great idea. I would suggest drawing stronger lines to define changes in planes on your face - top ridge of nose, cheekbones, nose to mouth lines, lip to chin transition line. More eyeliner, and don't forget the dots all over your face. Basically, if you think of your face as being a line drawing, where would the lines be? You don't and wont look ugly, you'll look like art (which you do anyway, but a different type of art in this case)! M

I think it's great that you can still get in the Halloween mood! It's fun dressing up, but after my daughter went to college, it became harder each year to even think about Halloween. Especially once the shopping centers provided an outlet and the churches presented Harvest Festivals. Kids just quit coming around.

I think it's great! You did all that in five minutes? I'm impressed.

You look like some dame with a Roscoe ( gun) ready to squirt some metal and throw some lead into the belly of some poor sap. I'm with Ian on this...femme fatale


I think your costume is going to rock! You can make something gorgeous out of anything.

For some weird reason TypePad won't sign me in to comment. Anyway,YES! You look...scary! Happy Halloween!

That is very funky!! :)

looks fun and easy! perfect for a party!

You look amazingly different and just a little bit scary. But that's the whole purpose, right?

great getup.... (and I like that small revolver)

Wow, I *love* this! Popped by to see how you were and it turns out, you are *amazing*!

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

That's a great costume and you do a good job showing the steps!

That looks amazing - and I would never have thought of it!

Agnes, the night after I saw this, I dreamed that I was trying to put on my regular makeup, but my eyeliner came out looking like your comic strip makeup! It was extremely frustrating as I have been applying eyeliner to my own eyelids in a very deft fashion for over twenty years :-P

So cool! I love the bits of white - I would never have thought of that!

Great information here, thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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