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Wherever Waldo is, it's clear the perfect computer is being used to manage the process. Gotta love Apple (sorry, couldn't resist, as my own 13-inch MacBookPro has never let me down.)

Love the way everything is arranged - makes me feel like a beautiful environment to get things done...

Waldo is either w/Smokey or A.! :-)

@Chris: Smokey *is* Waldo!

My grandson loves that game! What kind of tea are you drinking? Is that smokey on the patio?

@Judy: you found Waldo :-)

To heck with Waldo ...he can find his own way home. I want your flowers and maybe even what you are drinking :)

Interesting that you have the hard copy notebook/organizer as a backup to the laptop.

So funny....Smokey actually does that....he "hides" but his concept of hiding is that if he cannot see you, then you cannot see him (!)...of course its comical when his head is hidden but the rest of his body is stickout out!

Speaking of where's Waldo:

You're always in my thoughts!

LOve that gold lipstick - made for you. You, lovely and beautiful Agnes, are the only magazine I need! xx :)

he is on each of the bookshelves in my house.

More to the point, who is Waldo - never heard of it or him !! Maybe he is not yet in Australia !!

@Kate_Woods: I think in Australia it's "Where is Wally?".
{it's basically a series of children's books, and you need to find Waldo in the crowd}

This is Waldo:

This is a Where Is Waldo? book:

And he is somewhere in this picture:

My cat Smokey (who loves to hide!) is in this photo, that's why the title :-)

omg, i didn't scroll all the way down!!!! RONFLMAO

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