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What a beautiful and fascinating young woman you are! I love your blogs. Ct picture is terrific. best wishes

Always happy to see a post from you. Love that cat! Congrats on the completion of a project. On to the next!

I've been bad about leaving comments and blogging in general, but I haven't missed a single post of yours :) I love your photos and reading about your exciting life. Hope your summer is going well. Good luck with your project(s).

Old spice reminds me of my dad. Smells and memories often go well together.

I love the outfit and makeup combination. Smokey is good.

Smokey is adorable, and you look smoking hot in that makeup :).

hmm...nice makeup...and you looked great...

Nice to know you are about to start something new.....change is always good...

Aren't cats wonderful! They're there when you need them. Independent little creatures, soft and warm. That purr so calming. I'll keep my fingers crossed about working with Ernie. I know an Ernie from Florida. He's working on the BP oil lawsuits. I envy your ability to do your eyes! They look great!

Nice to know that you gotta have some relaxing time :) And you are gorgeous Agnes, I must say it xxxx

A delightful picture of you, Agnes. And you, too, Smokey.

I've missed you so much! You look gorgeous as always. Rainbows are the best!!!

Love the cat photograph and your great style in setting up fashion photographs. Finishing a project is the greatest high. I absolutely agree--not painting projects, but design projects. I adored them. Very challenging and great satisfaction when clients loved what you did--even when they didn't and they should have. Have fun working with Ernie. Any quickening there? Ellis and I were a great work team. Working together makes for great partnerships.

Loving Smokey I miss having a cat. I love your style and I also love gold lipstick. I can't wait to hear more about what yourself and Ernie will be working on... I'll stay tuned.

Have a great weekend. Lisa x

I love those simple objects that elicit such powerful memories! I also love the excitement and energy of a new project - so much fun!

The things that trigger our memories... Neat photographs.

You are looking gorgeous and smokey, as always, so adorable! What a way to spend an evening. You just nailed it - beyond relaxing :)

Congrats on finishing your job - such a good feeling! Hope you're taking the time to relax and enjoy your lovely kitty!

Do you think your "almost forgotten Summer from a long long time ago" would be a wonderful blogging topic, Agnes?

First time here. Love your writing style. You look pretty.

Awwww Smokey is adorable! :)

beautiful pics

@Rider: Well, it's almost forgotten...

You tell us it was a summer of bonfires, gold lipstick, and Old Spice. Of youth and innocence.

Perhaps it was your first summer of love, Agnes. If so, then it's never to be forgotten.

And that's a good thing.

@Rider: Well, I am not sure why gold lipstick reminds me of that particular Summer... in my mind that Summer was full of golden hues, gold sunsets, I think I even tanned more gold than dark. There was love, heartbreaks, a lot of traveling (hitch hiking), sleeping under the stars (hence the bonfires), meeting strangers, making friends with strangers... there were a few Summers like that. But the one with the Old Spice haunts me the most. It was a long time ago :-)
{Sorry about the typos my iPhone has a mind of its own.}

Be careful ...you just open up a bag on one of your trips and find Smokey cuddled up inside ;}

I am always impressed with your style---and I am certainly amongst many readers of your blog who feel the same. That got me to thinking....what is style? Is it a single or set of charateristics? I don't think so...do you? In fact, I am quite sure that I could not, in so many words, describe or determine the nature of style...perhaps it is just a feeling that one gets when one observes it-such as I and so many do gazing at your blog. What actually comes to mind, borrowing from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's comment on a a disrelated subject; I don't know exactly what style is but I know it when I see it. And it is easy to see in Agnes.

It's a wonderful comment, Agnes. The one you posted on August 13th.

You wrote of your youthful, Golden Summer.

You were tanned, spirited, fearless and free.

You loved. You broke hearts. You hitchhiked. You slept by a fire under the starry sky.

I'm envious. But not of you. I'm envious of the Old Spice guy.

He'll always own a little corner of your heart.

@Rider: I can't even remember the Old Spice guy's name. Just the scent and the other things you said, sense of freedom and all that.

hehe - reminds me of an era I went through.... i think it was early nineties - goodness I don't remember, but I loved it!

There is a shelf-life to blog postings. When you're posting frequently, Agnes, the shelf-life is about a week. Then you and everyone else move on.

I waited to write this until more than a week had passed. I waited until I thought this posting and its comments had been forgotten. I waited until I thought I could comment, mostly unread.

That's because I wanted to say that the picture accompanying your posting is a beautiful one. It appears to have been taken early in the morning when you were about to leave to meet your friends, Ernie and Lucky, for coffee. The gray and gold, including your hair, become you.

That's also because I wanted to say that your memory of the Old Spice guy is a beautiful one. That you've forgotten his name emphasizes that it was a summer of Freedom, as well as a summer of Gold.

Finally, that's because I wanted to say that the Old Spice guy's name doesn't have to be remembered for him to own a little corner of your heart. He would be justifiably pleased if he knew it were so.

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