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I might have to try this, looks delicious. I had my first cold brew coffee at a little spot in Seattle last year. It was delish!

@Marty: Did you have it at Seattle's Best Coffee? Their cold brew is amazing!

Our national coffee is called frappé - a word which derives (funnily enough) from the French verb frapper meaning to knock, hit or...shake! Just put in a shaker 1 tsp instant coffee, 1 cup cold water, milk / sugar to taste, shake it, pour it in a large, tall glass. Don't forget to add some ice cubes. This is the Greeks' favourite coffee, rain or shine. This said, I love your gold manicure!!! My favourite manicure colour this summer is white - maybe because white is my favourite colour :-)

@Anastasia: Greek frappé never fails to remind me of a long mule back ride through the mountains, followed by a sunset frappé in one of those portable frappé shakers on an abandoned beach. This was quite a few years ago, somewhere in Greece, I wish I remembered where but alas, I don't.

Swedish coffee is just so bitter and I can't dare to drink it :) BTW gold looks awesome xxx

That sounds like an interesting brew if you like your coffee sweet. I have not converted to sweet coffee yet. Black and bitter is how I like mine :)

Sounds very interesting. Wished I liked coffee more. Gold nails go well with blonde hair.

I LOVE cold brewed coffee. I haven't ever tried to make my own, but maybe now I'll have to try!

The gold nails look amazing!

Do you let it set at room temp or in the refrigerator, while it's brewing?

@Judy: I keep it on the counter, like those New Orleans grandmas!

The coffee sounds wonderful--something with a little umph, but I'm way past gold nail polish--actually past nail polish. It's down to just pedicures now. These hands do too much with gunky stuff. Enjoy. I'll just remember when what I did warranted manicures and stunning nails.

Love the gold. I'm not a fan of coffee - give my a Chai tea anyday! - but I think my hubby would like that!

You make making and drinking coffee very inviting. I am strictly a french press dude-by choice and no doubt by habit but I do recall you introducing me to cold brew and it is very refreshing. Although I am addicted to acidity (never thought I would ever utter that sentence :).

As ever, you look great. We should plan another mutual shoot...last one got some great pics of you...and several of me which garnered quite a bit of praise....thanks Agnes!

Loving the gold polish & lipstick (in a few posts back) for a glimmer, love Posie

House of the Rising Sun - one of my favorites which I used to give voice to in my days of guitar playing. Probably with a glass of something like the Pinot Grigio (not coffee!) near by.
Love the ring.

Love this Pinot Grigio bottle shot - so raw and earthy!

I love the old style of the bottle. I wish I could have been there and share with you.

And I was under the impression, everyone except Indians preferred black coffee over the milk and sugar varieties unless it's frappé or latte...sounds very deletable but chicory doesn't suit my system...and gold nail paint...I am not that daring...Have a great weekend.
Some new to learn everyday.

Sorry for the typos in the earlier one...got a tendency of fretting when it comes to these mistakes. :)

I like the "Bob's your uncle" addition to the recipe. I would try it. So when are you serving?

i just love your creativity! xo

Gold really suits you Agnes :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xx

Gold pedicure when done properly looks great. And i love cold brews!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

You own that beautiful gold nail polish and lipstick Agnes! Must try that coffee once summer arrives here (in about 4 months ...) :)

Oh, iced coffee! God, how I miss that - I used to have it all the time in Montréal. I have yet to uncover a good iced coffee in London. Or iced tea, for that matter.

I LOVE your manicure, but I like flavored coffee with flavored creamer :) Hope all is well...slightly cool weather in our parts this week...YAY!

@Michelle: The mornings and evenings have been great (weather wise) haven't they?

@ Agnes yes we are coming up on my favorite season here in Florida. I am leaving for San Diego on the 29th and then to Kauai for 2 weeks and finally to Vermont on September 23rd. I return to Florida October 1st. I'm thinking about not traveling at all during October because I love it here sooo much then :)

@Michelle: Vermont sounds so great! And yes I love October down here... so quiet, non-muggy, a bit crisp and all the tourists gone home. October through April is the best :-D

That was a lovely coffee story

I often thing of chicory this time of the year as it grows along with the Queen Anne's lace along the roadside. Interesting recipe, but I still drink my coffee black (and my liquor straight and like the good folks at NOLA, my tea unsweetened).

i'm not a gold girl but you rock that manicure. makes me think i might try some silver on my toes now that i'm at the beach....

for some reason, all summer i've been hooked on silver polish and diet soda vs iced coffee--both odd choices for me; luckily i think you've just lured me back into the fold on both counts! :) considering a detour trip out for that SPECIFIC gold, actually; even though drugstore nail varnish chips in 3.5 seconds... you make it look sooooooo good! ♥

love these pictures - so beautiful! gotta go gold!

interesting idea

It really looks delightful and I might have to try this. I had my first freezing produce java at a little identify in Dallas last season.

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