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Ah, that first picture just takes my breath away! How I would love to sit by that view every single day... Wish you loads more fun with your new found love (s) Agnes, you are looking as lovely as always in those cool colors of summer :)

I will keep the small talk to a minimum but just say how lovely it is to see you again !!

@Kate: And you! And actually, I do love small talk. It's just that I get tired of it after a while and then I need to dive into work or navigate things that have relatively high importance to me. Likewise, I can get tired of a work-work-work routine too and start craving small talk, hair-and make-up talk, things like that.

I love the turquoise look - and I'm not sure I own a single thing that is that colour - going to have to correct that! :)

You are an excellent chooser of toenail colors, I must say.

I love turquoise and it really suits you! :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

Just lovely.

Love all the pics, and you look so lovely!

your photos look elegant and are eloquent as you are in simplicity and beauty! thank you.

Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. It's the blue that grabs me, but then that's the point, it's not really blue. lol Is that gold lipstick from the hat picture?

Yes, Gold is a colour that rhymes with Summer - golden beaches, golden bays, golden sand, golden sun ... I love sunsets and sunrises, there's something magical in all that explosion of colours. I hope to be able soon to take some good pictures of the sunrise in Larnaca as I watch it while walking along the beach from 6-7 every morning.

Where's the shoreline scene taken at? Most definitely ...turquoise is MY favorite too. Right now I'm like'n the gold color for toe nails too ...thanks for the ideas.

I don't know how many times I've said it, but I will say it again - I love your style. And your turquoise toes are to die for. Sigh, I too wish I had the time to watch sunsets or the meteorite showers that are so common at this time of year. I could weep, but life has to carry on.

Lovely pictures and love the effects that go with it. The beach one was ethereal and soothing. Enjoy your week.

Looking awesome as always. You have the best color scheme! Let's all make more time for blogging. Too many of my favorite bloggers are abandoning their blogs...

the words behind yours pictures help us understand a bit of your emotion at the moment. I enjoy reading about the pictures and the pictures themselves - keep posting.

I love the gold and I think a gold pedicure would be fabulous. You make everything look wonderful Agnes!

P.S. That blooming tea shot is awesome.

Wow! You've got a great sense of style.

I am a massive fan of turquoise and gold! And sunsets... though, like you, I rarely find time to catch them.

AAAAhhhhhhh i love the pics :)
The gold and turquoise i like too :)

Lovely lovely you!! :)

phew i can comment finally! your blog has been shunning me since a month !

you look so beautiful in turquoise and gold! gotta make time to notice the turquoise and gold.

Like that photograph of the Tea :-)

Oh i love these hues... lavendery yellowish purple :)!!! xoxo

I love the colors, background and the angle in which pics are clicked...just marvelous :)

Loved the golden nails and lipstick....oh and yes...the sun tea as well :)

All most all photographs are looking great!! Especially i all your photographs you are looking stunning and gorgeous.

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