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WOW! You know the last time I was that weight? I was probably 12 years old hahaha.

Whoo hoo on being at your ideal weight! I love the way you edited the photo.

I'm sorry about your car breaking down. You're totally right, the universe definitely owes you for that one. LOL

Rings on her fingers and bells . . . no a ring . . . on her toe!

good to see you getting 'there' on the weighing scale :) I need to workout and loose some to reach my 'there'.

it's probably better that you don't know how it happened. If you knew, you would be obliged to bottle it and make informercials about it!

Just be glad that it happened :)

lol! Love the $475 comment! That's my ideal weight also! lol

Good for you. Sometimes the universe responds...

Cars are on my shit list right now - I'll add yours to it :-P

You have inspired my to wander off and repaint my toes!

Thanks for remindimg me that I need a pedicure. As for my scale ...I buried it in the backyard. Congrats to you, lady!!!

wow what's that scale measured in? I think my pj's weigh more than that.

You are looking really good...establishing once again that the scale never lies. (Wanna bet that there are some who mis-set the scale so it shows less weight?)...but you know what, more power to them. If it does a body good, who cares if nobody is hurt...ah but then I go on...sorry. So....watching my weight each day---check. Got Powerball---check. Reading your blog (daily)---check. All is right with the world, as they say. (well, sort of).

Congratulations girl :) Always feels great when we have it our way!

Lucky you! I haven't weighed myself in ages.

Agnes, goes to show how close you are to hitting the jackpot now that good fortune is smiling at you

If you find out, I'd like to know. I'm still searching for mine--and a couple more hours of zzzz's

Now, I need to figure this out, i'm wreckless at numbers... One thing's for sure, you do not weigh 100 kgm :-). That must be pounds. And if your weight is in pounds, this means it's 45 kg. Considering you are a tall girl, that's ideal!!!!

@Anastasia: I am *not* tall, only 5'2" or 156 cm.

love it when that happens ~ skinny days :)

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