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That tea sounds SO wonderful! As does the Thai massage.

As that most interesting guy says "stay thirsty my friend".

I love flower tea! Your brew looks inviting :D

Are you industrious! It would take me half a day to gather all those ingredients together and find a what? Do you then put it all into a clear jar, fill it with water and set it in a sunny spot? For how long? What color is done? Agnes, you left us dangling.

One time I got a salad that had what they called an "edible flower" in it and it was gross. Now I'm wary of flowers in food/drinks... that looks pretty though :)

Congratulations on the account. You definitely deserve a long Thai massage <3

I have never heard of flower infused teas. Your brew looks so exotic and pretty. I have never thought of eating (or drinking) flowers. I take that bag. I ate ravioli stuffed with borage this year and I loved them.

I have never made homemade tea, but this looks beautiful and inviting. Agnes, where do you buy your herbs? Congratulations on the account. I'm glad to see that you're having good stuff happen to you! You so deserve and need it! Enjoy the tea. When I lived in Okinawa, I had massages, they were wonderful. Not so many now. Not the same. Just thinking about a neck and shoulder massage is enough to loosen the muscles a bit. lol

i'm totally into jasmine, lavender and chamomile....few fragrances are more spectacular. hope you indulge yourself in that thai massage ~

and referring back to your post before last with the gold manicure - for the first time in about 10 years i just painted my toenails.......not your gorgeous gold, but silver.......at least i'm trying!


Sounds like your work is fulfilling. The tea is interesting.

Ah, looks wonderful!

Given the time ...I certainly could come up most of the ingredients, but since I've never tasted herb/flower teas ...I'm a bit reluctant. I guess I should think outside of the tea bag.

So pretty! And I bet it smells even better!

Congrats on the account - have fun & don't work too hard :)

ah! i can feel the smell right out of the screen...

Tea and a Thai massage... aaaahhhh!! Hope you got both! Congrats on the account, but hope you can slow down a little soon!

Have you ever tried wild blackcurrant tea by Heath and Heather? It's also got hibiscus in it and it's so invigorating! Just perfect after a long day at work.

Love your blog!

Your pictures are about flower tea. Your posting is about flower tea.

There are two other easily overlooked bits of information in your writing.

The first bit is that a stranger in the grocery store gave you a dozen organic roses. One or more of those roses were made into your tea. (The rose petals are beautiful, by the way.)

The second bit of information is that you traveled through Italy with your cousin. You and she each had a pillow filled with fragrant herbs in your backpacks.

I'm sure there's so much more you could write about the stranger and about your travels in Italy. Maybe someday you'll do so, Agnes.

Lovely post Agenes, You always make it look so beautiful and so easy....remember when you taught me how to make sun-tea? You laid out the ingredients, set it up and all I had to do was get it into the sun. Which I then did -----for two days!! You were so kind to say....when you tasted it that it was "a bit strong". Sometimes you are the master at understatement. When I tasted the mint tea you made from the leaves it was marvelous. Just like anything else, it is not just the effort or energy expended but how much love is put into it. (another form of energy).
Oh.....and by the way....I agree with Rider....let's hear about italy!

oof, i'm definitely in the mood for some flowery herbal tea now... maybe not cold brew... i am not nearly as patient as you are!!! congrats on the new account, you are just soooooooooo in demand, it's wonderful, just don't burn both ends AND the middle of the candle, k??!?! ♥♥♥

this sounds great! and it reminded me I wanted to look up your iced coffee recipe again! And maybe book a Thai Massage! <3

Beautiful flowers and delicious tea... This couldn't have been a more perfect post. I'm glad to hear that you're still keeping busy. As long as you enjoy it, that's wonderful.

loving your flower tea combination Agnes :)


Ah... I feel relaxed just looking at these photos. Wish I could smell the lovely scents.

That is such a fragrant and exotic combination, I wish I could have a sip right away! :-)

The pic of those pink petals is gorgeous!

You certainly deserve a nice tea break after that back breaking work , Agnes:)

Aromas - one of the best. Lovely Rose petals. Thanks for sharing.

I want to hear more about the stranger and the roses :)

beautiful pictures....

we are so much alike in this way... work work work - every minute of everyday if filled with creative productivity :) ~ I don't know how we do it! Living loving and making the most out our life! All in the same, enjoying the journey. loving coffee & lavender too!! xoxo your friend in NY ~ Jeni

Ahhh! Lavender...lovely! ;)

i love this blog, i'm from indonesia. greetings

So pretty! And I bet it smells even better!

Congrats on the account - have fun & don't work too hard :)

loving your flower tea combination Agnes :)


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