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Sounds awesome! I could work on the beach any day. Odoul's is my drink of choice :)

"Lunches like this make work look so easy" ...uh, yeh! Hope you make the deal.

Yum... this would almost make me rethink my gluten free diet ;o)

Good luck with the account. Brainstorming with a friend is such an awesome way to springboard ideas! Have fun :)

What a lovely, lovely lunch!
I hope you get your miracle, Agnes.

Replace the beer with chilled white wine and that's the best meal ever for me. Hope you get the account. You know what they say: If you want to get something done, assign it to a busy person.

..Good luck !!

Hmmm? Beach lunch is nice! Great to be able to do that!

Is there any other place to have lunch. Looks fabulous. It's nice to know clients are still being wined and dined to get business. I enjoyed doing that. Good luck. I know your presentation was great.

I would replace the beer with a real beer but that's an interesting dish - pepper sandwich?
Overdue for a miracle - it's always like that isn't it? good luck
Oh being on the beach I hope there's no sand in your sandwich.

Lunch looks delicious! Good luck with the account :)

You'll get the account, because you are so fabulous!

The lunch was delicious, You mention the work we completed but I am a witness to the fact that the work was excellent. And I think, it in itself, is going to create a miracle for the client and ....for you. This is a huge account that goes until end of November, culminating with a grand event at the swankiest hotel in town. (And you are invited!) Creating designs for companies planning big events is a great niche for you....I am going to bring us more!!!

I hope you get the account! I can't see how you wouldn't because you are amazing.

Really, really great photo of your lunch. Much better than the pineapple smoothie I ate for dinner.

Good luck with the deal, that does look like a great business lunch. I just had smoked salmon, only in sushi, mmmm, it would be my last meal for sure, love Posie

I hope you get the account! That looks so yummy!!

Lunch on a beach is always enticing!

Hope all went well. Business lunch on the beach sounds like an awesome idea. As for a miracle, well, we desperately need so rain. Hope the weather-man will oblige :)

Looks yummy. :) Happy days & miracles ahead for you too Agnes.

What a great idea for a business lunch! Good luck with the deal!

hooray! the long dark agnes-blogging drought is over and our national nightmare has ended! :) :) :) (missed ya, chickie, but glad you've had a super-productive, super-travelly summer; tell that ernie he has to SHARE you a little more tho, k?!) ♥♥♥ ps: lox + bagel???!?! yes, please!

wow! Lunch looks great!

No wonder they discus and clinch deals "over a lunch/dinner"

wow! what is that!!

makes actual work look fun!!

Mmm that looks delicious!

Lunch on a beach
is always enticing

Oh, YUM! The beach makes business bearable.

Fingers crossed for you, all the very best for cutting the deal! :-)

The post title in itself is catchy :)

@Shalmalee: The phrase "business lunch" is so Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion! Gotta love that movie.

Best of luck for the deal and enjoy the lunch on beach:)

That looks delicious!

Wow! Beach lunch is a great idea! For sure the deal will be okay. best of you!

Love the title;-D
And wht a great idea;-D

U knw I'm still in shock as to how I got in here...I have tried so many times thru ur blogger link but it always showed me a error page. Today i came thru the link bins gave me;-o. And it is the same link wht I have been trying;-o. No idea wht is wrong.

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