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You are amazing. You can make a 32oz container look inviting while at the same time make me feel oh so cool in yet a hot summer.

That size container would be just about right for a hot cup of tea - and perhaps you could send me down a a few degrees of your summer heat. Best thing about August here is that spring is not that far away.
Like the photo-sketch effect.

Cool photo effects!

We've had such a hot summer up here in Canada too - but we're not used to it! I drink a lot of water anyway, but it's been constant this summer! Hoping it cools off a bit soon for everyone :)

love the graphic, so you! I love getting the notification that you have posted, I know it will be a visual design treat.

Really cool effects specially the ink painting style...water and ice, no truer summer friends.

Windy and hot is how it is here too. The cotton crop is dying in Texas. (Tee shirts and all other cotton wear prices will go up). Corn crops are dying across America. (The world goes hungry and prices go up for any product with corn or its by-products in it). I do hear that grapes will be particularly sweet; they like heat. Icy drinks in Panera glasses and AC are in demand, but a life saver? Not really. Serious stuff this sweating we're doing.

It is ridiculously hot here too Agnes. I always keep a full pitcher of iced water ready to go.

Thanks for providing such a great information here.

The green straw had me thinking Starbucks. Cool liquid on a hot day is essential.

Nothing to beat a cold beverage on a hot summer day:)


Texas summers are the same. I always have a bottle of water nearby.

love the way your have presented the images...

Although I grew up in the south, I am rarely an arms length from a large glass of unsweetened ice tea

It's nice and hot in Cyprus. 36*C (97*F) in Larnaca today - not a heat wave yet :-) I drink lots of water, eat a lot of water melon and go to the beach every day!

Ah, I must say you are braving quite a lot of heat in a perfectly cool way! Lovely pictures :-)

Ah, I must say you are braving quite a lot of heat in a perfectly cool way! Lovely pictures :-)

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