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Let me be the first to say ...welcome back! ...and...what a gorgeous photo of you!!!

Great photo Agnes. Just remember that if 5th gear was not needed it would not be in the gearshift. Looking forward to your renewed vigor now that you had a taste of the slower pace. (I know, not your style). I learn from you---imagination.

I'm like that as well, if I'm not constantly doing something I'm bored out of my mind! LOVE that pic of you!!!

I like that high-charge energy feeling too - but without the occasional recharge, I turn to mush. :) It took me a few days to acclimate to the easier days of July, but I'm in the swing of things now! Hope you find that gear as well :)

Welcome back! We definitely missed you. I'm glad that you're enjoying being busy. I get really bored if things get to calm around here.

Sounds like my summer--I will finally have 3 weeks at home starting Thursday! Enjoy the excitement!

Your summer sounds a lot like mine. Especially last week, but I haven't been home hardly at all and there is a sailboat waiting to be put back together soon or I am going to have to covert it to an ice breaker.

Nice to hear from you again. I seem to be in fifth gear all the time and vacation days go by way too quickly. It's terribly hot here this year and am already looking forward to autumn breezes but I know they're still a long way away. Have a wonderful week.

Beautiful photo of you!

It does sound like you need a new gear shifter! You'll slow down eventually, just in time to have a HUGE onslaught of business come crashing over you!

There was a time in my past when the gears spun harder. The slipping and sliding from pressure pushing me in various directions was exciting and even a little fun a few times. I like the idea of a slow river as long as it doesn't run dry.
thanks you gave me a post idea. Lisleman - I tried the sign in "other" choice and used blogger hence the odd sign in name.

I love it when life is full on - although taking time out with friends having coffee, sounds like a great idea :) continue to enjoy summer! We are in the middle of winter here and its raining. Take care, xx

That is an amazing picture, Agnes! How did you get that ripped off effect? And, I agree with you, we do love the adrenaline rush of activity!

I get that way sometimes, too!! But hope you let yourself recharge anyway. Love that photo - very cool processing!

You look different (but elegant as always). Is it the pose, new make-up or your post battery-burning appearance. Or perhaps it's just that we haven't seen you for a while. :-)

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Keeping busy is always nice:) Your pic looks very fresh:)

I miss reading blogs as much as writing them. I'm trying to simplify my life right now and like you said, catch up on coffee with friends, reading and that sort of thing. A ten page research paper is enough to burn ones batteries for me right now ;)

What a gorgeous photo. I'm with you - I've no idea where the summer has gone!

I agree, Summer is flying by, where has it gone! I'm enjoying your posts and pictures! It's like being there! It is a busy summer, and it's hard to shut down and relax. Makes life too still! Of course, the coffee with friends sounds like something to do, a beginning anyway.

@Ian: Post battery burning for sure but it's the heavy eye make up I've been somewhat addicted to lately. Makes you look awake no matter how little sleep you had plus the muggy 90F midsummer air is a pretty potent smudgy-effect enhancer. But since guys aren't exactly into make-up I am not sure why I am boring you with it :-)

transitioning is HARD!!! even when it's a transition you know you want and need! what about a "girls' day" (or night?) with pedicures and spa treatments to sort of ease you into remembering how fun relaxation can actually be! (alternately, i recommend buying or borrowing the dvd box set of something you've been wanting to see but not had time for... nothing glues me to the couch faster than a new HBO series, lol!!!) have FUN, you've EARNED some relaxing! ♥ (& you'll be sorry not to have had it if mr. ernie rings up unexpectedly with 2 tix on the flight to katmandu that leaves in 1/2 an hour!!!!!!!!!) :) :) :)

@Lauren: Katmandu sounds pretty good to me :-)

Agnes is never boring!!

You so purdy. And I'm frightened by how quickly summer is going by. Ugh.

Awesome picture of a lovely lady! Happy to have you back! :-)

Veyr nice great so nice1

I'm so glad to catch up with your last posts. I've been busy too... Now I want to relax. Plan a trip to the middle east, let's just shop lol!


Your posting's a good one, Agnes.

The contrasting lightness and darkness, the lightning effect running diagonally across the picture, the dark and intense eyes, the full lips: all these combine to demonstrate visually your "painfully crav[ing] the high velocity commotion of the last several weeks."

Ernie's right about your artistic talent.

I guess it takes time to unwind after a busy time ... I hope you can give yourself time to r-e-l-a-x. Beautiful photo. :)

Funny how my well-deserved holiday has just flown by! I'm still mentally in Chania, Crete, though. Gorgeous photo!!! You look so tender and sensitive, and so dynamic at the same time.

J'ai trouvé votre message d'une telle information instructive et utile sur ce poste, merci pour le partage de la poste.

Great post very nice!

We can get addicted to certain patterns and behaviours-we find a rythum and then change comes along and we must start over agin & find a new rythum. Awh life, always changing;)! Nice to see your gorgeousness again:):)!!xoxoxo

beautiful picture! when you take time to be still and quiet and listen to the voice inside you, you will appreciate the life you enjoy even more.

Great so nice!

oh...ALSO...though I have lived in the USA (Little Rock, Arkansas) past 16 years, I am Sri Lankan and aged 36. Have u been to Sri Lanka? you must Agnes!!

@Heshan Demel: Oh my, I love Sri Lanka, though I've only been three times (I think)... max four. Colombo is one of my favorite cities actually. Are you from Colombo?

how cool is that pic of yours :)

I have been working whole summers :-/ And I agree I have no idea where it all gone. Hope you can get some relaxing days ahead :) xx

ouch, here in New England it just goes too fast and we're in constant denial. Hope all is well, as it can be with you.

I think this picture looks better than your blog post picture :-)

good to see u back...

That editing technique on you're pic is amazing!

Such a nice post to share.

Like one of the earlier posters said, I don’t always agree with what you say but this one is right on.

welcome back ,, woow great and nice photo

It's a human nature to imazine lots of things to be done but at the end he/she is busy with something else because lots of such things which we don't expect to come our way but they come. So this is the same thing with you Agnes. Don't worry the day will come for you to enjoy :)

Interesting site! And this model look amazing, very pretty!

Agnes you looks amazing.So beautiful woman.

I also don't hardly know where the first half of Summer went. We see it going by only in the window of the office. The only solution is to ask someone to help in order to have some free time. Very nice post, especially the photos, so beautiful and attractive. Keep on writing.

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