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It is so easy to do spur of the moment stuff when you are young - I envy you !!

Travel safe and have fun.

I love that you were able to go back! It's amazing how fast and efficient we can be when we want something, isn't it? Glad it worked out for you!

Be safe!

You are filling your life with LIFE!

Do you really like it? I'm taking my daughter there or Venezuela next month. Thanks and enjoy!

Great post! Thanks.

I love your sense of adventure.

hmm....great...stay safe..dear...

@Michelle: Si, I really do. Never been to Venezuela. My friend Ernie has and says he likes Colombia more. Bogota has many faces, I think you will really like it. If you're looking for a nice hotel downtown (historic part), I think Hotel del la Opera is a great choice.

The trips I've taken on the spur of the moment without hotel reservations or any planning other than last-minute air tickets booked on the Internet are the best. Have a safe flight to Bogota.

I really hope you'll be here again before August. Enjoy Bogota.

I suddenly realized that I misunderstood your post title. Oops. Blame Friday evening ;)

@Loree: Don't you worry. I just re-read this post and I have no idea what I am talking about either... I guess this is what 2 hours of sleep and seventeen hundred miles sound like.

I love that you did this spontaneous trip!!! Viva Colombia!

Have a wonderful, safe trip Agnes!

That long eh ?
Well .... enjoy the trip and make the most of it :-)

Thanks Agnes. Have a great fun and keep sharing those awesome pics :)

I so love trips like that. My family are always amazed at how quickly I can throw a suitcase together. Just mention an airline ticket give me an hour and I can be on my way!

Have a safe and wonderful trip Agnes.

Jouit d'un magnifique Agnès Safe Trip!

I love changes in plan. There's something so wonderful about embracing a new way of thinking - and completely different schedule than anticipated. Happy travels!

After what seems like ages I can finally access your blog. What did you do to it?!

Anyhow. Columbia. Who could say no? Semi-clean clothes were never gonna deter, were they?

This is my fantasy Agnes...to throw a few things in a bag and hop on a plane to somewhere exotic, interesting and off the beaten path...and all of it completely unplanned. I love that you say YES to adventure!

Wow busy lady! I loved catching up on your latest posts - this is my fav line 'It's been overcast, with the lack of sunlight making every hour of the day feel the same, creating sort of an off-beat mood which (I think?) I like.'
And all the photos, as always. delicious - like a fav magazine!
Have fun in Bogota.

don't forget to have some fun :) ~ xoxo

Okay. Let's see if I've got this right.

At 8:30 p.m. in the night of May 31st Ernie told you that you and he would be flying to Colombia. You left Florida that same night and flew to Cali. There you slept in a hotel room for a couple of hours. Then you caught a flight to Bogota at 4:30 a.m.

You met with clients on June 1st and June 2nd in Bogota, and you're flying back to Florida on June 3rd. You had little sleep, and you survived on coffee.

And you loved every minute of it.

It's good to see the smile in your words, Agnes.

Oh, Agnes, what an adventurous life you lead! It sounds fascinating, but I still don't know what you do.

sounds exciting AND glamorous. I'll be at backyard graduation parties all month....

Oh! I've only been to Bogotá once but it is an amazing city, I really loved it there. What fun!

Sounds like things are busy in a good way. Don't laugh but I'm loving your pastel fingernails in the earlier blogs. Really made me smile. Yes, I'm easily amused.

@C: I don't know why some people can't access my blog but you're not the first one pointing it out... I wish I knew what the glitch is!

@Rider: Too brain dead to reconstruct the last few days but your account sounds close enough... the 8:30 part was Wednesday night, the rest is a blur :-)

@Sylvia: It is an amazing city, I'm loving its energy! p/s, I did laugh :-D

My Dear Agnes, why don't you get on a plane which takes you to Hungary? You should bring Ernie too! I'll make you real Hungarian "lecsó" (the totally vegetarian version), some "Dobos cake" and strong soda water or anything you'd like! Think it over, please. By the way, I can make very good coffee. You are always welcome!

@Adri: You make it sound so good :-) And fried cheese. God I really hope to come visit this year... Hungary is the best, period.

I love the room and the photos!! You are something :D

Lovely photograph. Thanks for sharing.

Ditto on the admiration of "sense of adventure."

And your eye for beauty of even simple things in life.

The artist, indeed.

I didn't see a comment button on your post with Bogota. You have a nice hotel to stay in. I don't care much for last minute trips but I have done a few that were business related. Changing flights used to be easier and not costly. I noticed you wearing sweater in one of your pictures. I've been to South America and never packed a sweater. I thinking it's really hot there now. thanks for sharing

@lisleman: Because of the high altitude, it's in the (high?) fifties at night, which is synonymous with cold in any Florian's vocabulary. Low to mid sixties during the day.

cool images...

I loved the pictures above. WOW! Nirvana!!!!

I am sharing it on my fb page!

Great article and awesome pic. I am really enjoying for reading this post.

of all the many, MANY amazing photos you've posted, this one of cali traffic seen sort of sideways, out the window, over your coffee cup, miiiiiiiiiiight be my all-time favorite! & certainly it seems to sum up your life right now! be productive, have fun (i think you've already got both of those covered, actually!) and take care! ♥♥♥

Not to even mention your 'forgotten' friends :-) You don't need much of a beauty routine. All the rest will wait for you, as will the 'forgotten' friend. :-)

Wow Columbia sounds so exotic to me :) Hope you have a great time there! Maybe some day I will be able to visit this lovely country ... oh and now I am dreaming :)

@Adri: My friends are never "forgotten" :-))))

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