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since you mentioned nails, I noticed in the first pic that you couldn't decide which color to pick. What do I know. Is this the new nail look? Multicolored fingers?

@lisleman: You're right... I couldn't decide :-)

Have been feeling the same sluggishness this week, feeling worn out and in need of a spark of energy to get me back on track.. I agree though that sometimes it is nice, and I need to just drop it all and start fresh..

Enjoy your tea, coffee and your day! Xoxo

And ps, love the colors on your nails..

Love all shaded on nails :) xxx

hmm...multicolored nails...so there going to be new fashion soon....?

hmm...I wish I could go with trends...alas...

Stay Safe...Dear Agnes!

Turquoise, teal and red are my favorite colors! One of the guys I work with, bought me a Starbucks this morning and sat it on my desk so it was waiting for me when I arrived! It was great! I understand what you mean about a strange week. It's like standing back and watching yourself!

I completely dig the multi-colored nails. They made my day.

I'm right there with you on the neutrals. I love brown and grey. Sometimes I go a little wild and wear some black too! LOL It's so bad that one of my friends dared me to buy a pink dress the other day. I did it. I'm just not sure where or why I'll where it?


Love, love, love the nails! I'm not much on the color brown, but did just purchase a walnut colored cardi to go with all my whites.

Something weird happened to my half-finished comment. Sorry if it shows up oddly!

I love the nails! I don't paint mine (they never last - I'm too hard on them!), but if I did they'd be that chai colour. Chai is my favourite tea! :)

I'm also a lover of browns, I feel grounded when i wear it, no pun intended.

Lisa x

Much love <3

I like your nails, and I've been drinking a lot of green tea myself of late.

Read somewhere: A person is as old as he thinks.
I like the nail polish color differences. The first image.

Gray hair doesn't mean your old, it means there's an early gray hair gene floating around your mix. I like the different nail polishes on each finger. It's interesting. I like grays and browns and blacks and yuk greens; pink is the color of madness (Johanne Itten). I only wear a the palest of pink--they didn't have an off white turtleneck when I went shopping; it came the closest. I branched out. No nothing weeks are nice; we can do whatever nothing we care to do whenever we care to do it. No tension.

@Linda: The color of madness, love it :-)))) Pale pink/brownish dusty rose can be very pretty.
Linda, time flies -- I'll be 40 soon enough (and 50 and 60). Bring on the wrinkles and grey hair, but please don't let me lose my wits or my perfect eye sight, (not being able to read or draw would kill me).

wonderful blog...cheers!

I've been feeling the fog as well. Feeling old, scattered and not myself. Thanks for giving voice to the malaise. Perhaps naming it will encourage it to move on...

Agnes, so glad to reconnect! You've often crossed my mind in the past year and wondered how life was unfolding for you. I too love the aromatic jasmine and chai teas...they feel like such a special treat.

I've been in the heat and humidity of Mexico for the past two weeks so everything has seemed slow...especially my brain, but I've actually been enjoying that heavy, thick as molasses, slowness. It's been a beautiful "time out" from thinking, analyzing and leaning forward...not sure that I could deal with it on a permanent basis though. Love the multi coloured nail look too!

Having been a coffee addict for many years, I decided to almost give up caffeine last year. I've been drinking a lot of tea recently, my favourite being lemon green tea but I also love jasmin tea! This said ... I do need my two espressos a day! I love your nail polish, by the way. Great colour, much better than grey.

Love those slow days. Just not too many in a row. Love your ring and your nail polish, too!

Tea and rain. And lovely quiet moments. Bliss. Hope you are well and I love that ring in that photo too! xo

Yes, it's strange when time plays tricks on your senses, or the other way around. :) Superb photography, as always.

Sometimes a sluggish week is a good thing. I had one, once! Enjoy this week.

No better company than tea, rain and an off beat mood! I love browns too with all their earthiness :-)

this girl look very cute in this all pics are so beautiful......

Your photography is simply great!
Best wishes to you.

Brown likes you too:)! I think it really compliments you:)! I too love browns and greys! Classic and easy to wear:)
I do hope this is a sunny, happy day for you:)!!
Lots of Luv and Light coming your way:)!!

we all have sluggish weeks sometimes...makes the good weeks even better.

I love the shades of brown myself and the Chai looks delectable.
You are looking fresh and happier perhaps.
Enjoy the slow week.

I love brown too, we got a carseat for the baby that's of shades of brown :). And a grey and yellow pram too :).

Aha.... I see that people are more comfortable calling it as a chai than as Tea :-)

@Joe: The Asian side of my family calls tea "chai" -- in my vocabulary, "tea" is tea and "chai" is tea loaded with herbs and spices :-)

Morning coffee with you Agnes is like visiting a monestery that just got a license to party and the entertainers draw murals on the walls while lively discussions of life and love echo throught the hallways.

I dont like both, tea or coffee but recently I started tea....
...green tea;-D
Yeah well I heard it's good for health...anti-oxidant, lowers cholesterol levels[no I don't have it], helps lose weight and all tht. I started going for these walks so...

To be honest I don't really like it...the H tells me I'll develop a taste for it but I really doubt;-P.

@Nancy: Green tea is great with honey and lemon!

@Ernie: What did they put in your coffee?

Nice pictures!

I prefer Kombucha:


"Happy Fathers Day."

Thank you! I had a great one.

It sounds as though you enjoy your work too.

Earth colours (brown, green, blue) are my favourite too. And as for the silver hair... after the first few it won't matter any more. xx

i've never been comfortable wearing lots of color either, mostly black and some brown and grey. the more i match my airedale terrier's color scheme of black and tan, the better ;)

Mighty ufseul. Make no mistake, I appreciate it.

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