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Adding color to life is a good thing. So is enough work to keep busy and pay the bills!

I'm glad you stopped long enough to share with us! Love the blue nail polish. But I understand... I'll be on a kick of something for a few days, and then suddenly decide it's not 'me' anymore! Guess it's a mood thing! And I know what you mean about the freelance life, although you've got me wishing I had an Ernie in my life!

Blue is my favourite colour - I never tire of it !!

Blue nail and blue ring and blue belt buttons look great :)
And the browns in the last post: awesomeness! But i am definitely among the pink-lovers :)

That jewellry is gorgeous! I love the pop of blue! Hope you get that sleep :)

You are so gorgeous! Good luck with all of your projects. Would love to see some of your sketches!!!

I love the bright pops of blue in the jewelry Agnes. They make your outfit feel more cheery. I'm loving the nails as well. It's good to hear that business is booming for you. Just don't forget to relax when you need to!

Should be born this way. I have never met a woman who has got such fine taste, elegance and style. You look great. Brilliant. As always.

Love the jewellery from Pakistan. As I am myself from Pakistan, so got lot of it like that :) Blue is beautiful xxx

Almost forget to tell you.I miss you girl!

@Adri: I miss you too!! I've been so busy... we need to catch up!!!!

Loving the blue since blue is my favorite color :) Looking great as always Agnes! Have a great weekend!

Your photos are always so gorgeous. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air.

When I have to think about colors I love to watch/observe nature nicely colored by God.

I love the pops of aqua. It's one of my favourite summer colours.

Love the blues.....

love the creative looks :) ~ never liked the ready wear that everyone buys.... your style is fun - love that about you :)!!xxo

"Minds sure like to create!"

Only an artist can have written that sentence, Agnes. Only an artist can take creativity for granted.

I started wondering whether the two parts of your posting are related. Whether the part about this week's fascination with bright blue Asian jewelry is related to the part about creativity. I decided that they are.

Even a small change in everyday life can fuel creativity.

@Rider: I didn't know or think about whether they were related. But since you decided that they are, they are :-)

Being inspired by/feeling/recycling/projecting the energy of whatever wavelength you happen to be riding at any given time keeps life fresh and flavorful doesn't it?

Agnes...Your comment "bless his heart" led to me to realize that I must make a "full disclosure" to your readers so that they know that the REAL favor bestowed is to your clients who get so much more for their money---more than they expected, which I have come to know is what you consider "normal". The graphics you are doing now for the first client has transported him from a somewhat dull and ininspiring set of graphics for to a bright, alive, popping display for his subscribers. You may well "bless" my "heart" but the real blessings are to those who are the pleasant effect of your work. More....more.....more...pleeeeeze.

It's an intriguing sentence, Agnes. This one, I mean: "Being inspired by/ feeling/ recycling/ projecting the energy of whatever wavelength you happen to be riding at any given time keeps life fresh and flavorful doesn't it?"

Ernie tells us about your changing "dull and uninspiring . . . graphics" into graphics that are "bright, alive and popping." His comment provides us with a concrete example of your "wavelength riding." So too, I suspect, do the "rings of fire" (the title of your posting).

Now I think I understand. It's not the jewelry that led to the burst of graphics' creativity. It's something that should have been apparent all along.

It's the energy of the woman at the center of it all.

I love the colour of nail polish and as always, you look gorgeous in your photos. Hope you had a good night sleep. Looking forward to your next post.

Lovely hues of blues , Agnes:)

That blue colour is gorgeous! It reminds me of all the jewellery in Cairo. And sometimes it's good to be busy!

congrats on the new accounts! enjoy your work with that fancy blue nail polish!

Lovely pics.....I love the way the you focus on the little things which lift our spirits:-))

@Nancy: Thanks :-) I think I'd go crazy if I didn't. But luckily, lots of things inspire me.

@Rider: Ernie is way too kind!

It's been quite hectic at work for me as well. Marking final exam papers - 15-20 pages each - and issuing final reports hopefully by June 22. I'm doing my best to meet deadlines. I think you look great in blue!

To create and keep mind busy make us to be focus in real things.
All the best!

Have you ever posted your sketches? Are you allowed to identify your clients?

I'm a sucker for turquoise and silver... not too much all at once, but you have just the right balance. Beautiful jewelry!

Love, love, love the colors. Just painted my toes dark blue with shimmering highlights...awesome how one small thing can make such a difference in my day!

pretty young hands can wear blue nail polish, and I dig the multi color look too.

very interesting. as always))s

I love the blue, Agnes.

i'm starting to believe that much in the same way that "energy begets energy" creativity also begets more creativity... both of which seem completely counter-intuitive, but it does sort of seem to be true.

love the blue nails, btw, but i confess that what i really *CRAVE* is some of that perfectly cafe au lait colored polish from the post below... YUM!!! ♥

Cute nail design - sweet and simple :) I will definitely try it next time I paint my nails. The blue I have is a little different than yours but I think it will look cool anyway.

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