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The bags are great--as are the tanks. As for living in FLorida in summer, no thank you. That would drive my sinuses crazy. Great photographs.

I have toyed with the idea of moving to the Corpus Christi are in Texas. Not for long though, when I hear from my friends there about the heat and humidity from the Gulf. I am happy where I am deep in the Eastern Slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

No one has better shoes than you my dear! Loooove your style!!!!

I always love your fashion posts Agnes! The handbags that you posted are divine. The ones you already own are lovely, and the ones you linked as well. The one on the right has my heart as it reminds me of a saddle.

I'm excited to wear tanks this summer. I was always kinda unimpressed by my arms but after working with a trainer with weights I think I'm ready to show off the guns.

Love those!!! I'm liking the colours this season! We're not at our humidity season yet - we still had frost on the vehicles a week or so ago :)

love the bags!!!! you're so gorgeous!!!

I enjoyed reading about your memories and following your links to prior postings, Agnes.

Your reference to Hermann Hesse started me thinking about his two books I liked best: "Daemian" and "Steppenwolf."

In "Daemian" Hesse used the Biblical reference to the "Mark of Cain" in a special way. When I read it, I remember wishing it had been truth and not fiction.

And I just now looked up one of my favorite quotations from "Steppenwolf." Maybe you'll remember it:

"Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours."

I just adore your style, the way you show it, the photography style and all of those amazing bags!! I am also in early heat here in Denver, definitely the opposite with the dryness

I hope for less muggy days in Florida, but well it is Florida lol!!

Have a fabulous week darling xoxo

If you don't like muggy, remember Singapore can be really muggy.:-) I recall the old Raffles nostalgically way back before it was rebuilt, with ceiling fans providing the only relief from the heat. There are still ceiling fans in the Long Bar but air conditioning too! I am just finishing a new book (a novella) that features the Long Bar, which I will publish as an Amazon eBook (like Nanyang, which is also now a 676-page paperback).

hmm...love the bags...

You have a pretty neat collection, Agnes! As for me, am not much of a shoe person, but I do love your bags! As you say, they have an old travel feel to them... just how fascinating can it get... my favorite is the middle one :)

I would take muggy over our miserable rain !!! Wanna swap ??

Love the tanks and the bags! :)

GORGEOUS! The tanks, the outfits, the purses and you! Just gorgeous!!

The bags are all gorgeous! The tanks suit you perfectly. You always look gorgeous. Take care, Agnes!

Love those colours and those bags are sure to inspire some tales. In fact, the middle one of the three old world bags reminded me of my grandma's boxes, made of the cream coloured holed material to keep her accessories or medicine. No longer find that, not quite plastic material.

You are the QUEEN of tank tops & jeans (& beads 'n' bags 'n' sandals 'n' neutral colours ...) Beautiful. Enjoy the climate - I am sitting by a fire and it's wet and cold as our autumn slowly slips into early winter.

Nice collections, Agnes:)

Gorgeous bags and shoes! I remember the summer I lived in East Texas. I nearly DIED from humidity.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how that purse on the left is callin' my name... and wouldja look at that?! there's a conveniently enabling link right under it-- almost like i'm *MEANT* to click it, eh??! (c'mon be a sport & WORK WITH ME here!!!) :) :) :)

ps: i didn't think you could beat nj in august for sheer miserable mugginess... but then i went to new orleans... in the *SPRING*! (& every local i spoke to kept saying, "whaddaya mean? it's not humid yet, it's only *SPRING*!!!") :)

Your handbag ...i'm in love, but couldn't find it online.

Muggy ...yep, know what you mean.

Tank tops ...love ALL the colors...so earthy.

Narcissus and Goldmund is one of my favorite Hesse books--and it was one I read on a backpacking trip (actually hiking, not traveling from hostel to hostel)

I love those bags! Maybe they make me feel like I'm traveling the world, too. Never thought about it. I live in tanks during the Texas summers, too. Can't stand sleeves past 90 degrees! I need to get a baubly necklace like you're wearing to go with them!

Great so nice good! pOSt so nice!

Your bags are simply GORGEOUS!!

I am from Houston and the weather is pretty close to the same. I think of moving back to Texas or even to Florida but I'm not ready to give up this Long Island weather... the seasons are a dream. One day though - one day soon!! xxoo love to you Agnes. Love your styles - so me :)!! xxoo

this girl look cool ,all her dress up style is my favourite . but I am fat ,can not dress like her . boring .

Your hand baggage are really GORGEOUS!!

Small talk has had such a bad reputation among introverts. If you happen to read articles about debunking introvert myths, you'd find yourself reading something along the lines of "introverts do not like small talk.

It looks beautiful. Agnes this is really wonderful post. Especially leather bag and shoes are awesome.

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