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I love that book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I got mine from a guy passing my seat on an airplane. He said it's meant to be passed on after reading; he had just finished. My favorite line in the book is that the book always opens to the right page--and that is so right! I love Chanel nail polish too; it stays liquid in the bottle forever and you really have to work hard to chip it. Joan Jett, I'll check out based on your great choice of book and nail enamel.

Hey, I love your choices in nail polish. I'm really in-to having painted toes this year. I hate my toes and wouldn't normally draw attention to them, but it's kind of fun to be able to experiment with so many different colors. I just bought a yellow and a saphire blue ...pretty daring for me, but...

I like Joan Jett sweating.

I never paint my nails, ever, but those colours could inspire me to start !

I'm totally with you on the coffee, ice, and those gorgeous nail polish colors.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull--that's a flashback to high school in the 70s!

Love that song! HAven't read the book in a long time, but I enjoyed it as a kid :)

I read that book so many years ago. I think I was about 15.
We have a family wedding coming up and a short trip planned and other such stuff. Feeling a bit run off my feet but, other than that, I am fine.

We see your two sides in this posting, Agnes.

Your first side is the Joan-Jett, hard-rocker side. Ms. Jett sings "I Love Rock and Roll" with a sneer in her voice. She gives "Crimson and Clover" one of the heaviest bass lines ever recorded. This side is one that we, your faithful readers, are familiar with.

Your other side is the Jonathan-Livingston-Seagull, nail-spa, orchid side. It's relatively new to those of us who faithfully read your blog.

Individually, both sides are good. Together, they're wonderful.

I have observed and read your blog so often, as many of your readers. I keep looking for an explanation and accolade that basically describes your talent and realized with your latest blogs that what makes you so special is that there is no "explanation" or apt description of your talent. That's what makes it so special.

Nice way to spend your week :).

The story of seagull is so inspiring! Have a nice weekend, Agnes:)

I read his 'Bridge Across Forever' when younger and liked it. Coffee and ice and some nail enamel sounds cool though my bitter nails means I stick to nudes or light pink/lavender and brown.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the eye feast.

Hmmm, I think the ice describes Richard Bach completely.lol Nice arrangement for your picture. You're right about one thing, it's the time for iced coffee! I like these cool nights and warm days. And to top it off, I have a Starbucks gift certificate!

Jonathon Livingston Seagull.... still one of my all-time favorites. I think I need to read it again! Love that nail polish, too, and also Joan Jett!

I loved the film so much - Jonathan Livingston: The Seagull!! I first saw it at the cinema with Alkis 36 years ago. That's how I became a great fan of Neil Diamond!

You are reading my favourite book!

oh my gosh,,,I just bought Jonathan Living Seagull at the paperback exchange....today! My husband said, where did you get THAT?

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