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Congrats on getting your project done Agnes! Enjoy your well deserved rest.

This is one of my favorite photo set of yours. It's a visualization of you right now.

Sounds like you deserve your break.

Good for you! Nature always helps reset my brain and body too! Enjoy :)

Congrats darling!

Finishing a big job is so gratifying! Rest and relax! What kind of birds are those? Where's Smokey? Have I missed you posting a picture of him?

I know that feeling! Enjoy your rest!!

I find communing with nature the best way to relax after a few hours of intensive work. Watching birds fly, the autumn leaves drop to the ground, a gorgeous sunset. There is so much mind-resting natural beauty around us, we sometimes don't take the time to appreciate it.

With all the seagull photos I take I always worry that one day I'm going to point my camera up and one of them is going to poop right on it.

Wow, that's just great :).

Yes that's the best kind of feeling. And now you can enjoy a well-earned rest.

Congratulations for a job well done. Enjoy your down time till the next race. A lovely consistent pace is not in the working world.

Beautiful photos. Happy downtime! (I thought the gulls were pink flamingoes ...) :)

Oh, that looks lovely. Enjoy the relaxation!

well done you!!! take some vacation and have ♥FUN♥ you have earned it, dearie!!! (& keep sending fab photos... i looooooooooooove the grainy beachy one, especially... makes me want to instagram EVERYTHING for the rest of the day!!!) :) :) :)

enjoy! work hard play hard!

Enjoy it Agnes... :)

@momto8blog: My motto exactly :-)

Shine on you crazy diamond

@Lucky: What can I say to that, crimson and clover, over and over....

Agnes---what a great juxtaposition of the photo we shot on the beach and the birds....never would have thought of that but then again, you are always full of surprises when it comes to aesthetic choices.
I really do admire your ability to communicate a feeling or idea in a way that invites participation from the audience---meaning you somehow leave space for them to fill in their own ideas of concepts. Reminds me a bit of Bob Dylan when people would ask him the "meaning" of his lyrics....he considered that was really up to the listener....imagination is king, really. let it flow.
Hey....bring your warm clothing as Colombia is chilly this time of year---I am looking forward to a great shoot and some fun times.

@Ernie: You think too highly of me. But since you sort of became my unofficial agent and keep booking me awesome projects, I guess thinking too highly of me is a good thing.

Different photograph - creative mind for sure. Thanks for sharing.

That is great news! Time to unwind and relax! Have fun! :)

it move toward to imaginative alternative.

Oh I wish I could relax at the beach for a few days but work is waiting for me. Enjoy your holiday :)

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