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I can stand or sit close to that window to watch the town for hours. Thanks for sharing.

I love crossing things off of my to-do list but I bet it was really hard for you to stay inside with all of that beauty just begging to be photographed. Have a great night Agnes!

Looks like a great trip. Enjoy!

enjoying your photos Agnes, seems you are having a wonderful time - lucky you ;)


Have a great dinner and trip too !

The colors remind me of Tuscany! Beautiful! I hope it's not just all work and looking out the window, though that's a great view! Take care!

Love the this and the last post. Great photos. You just know what to shoot inherently. I saw the same view but you saw "the view". Nice work.
And you do fit in! Maybe that's why the locals talk to me in English and consistently speak to you in Spanish!
You have been a great asset here both for me and my clients and am fortunate to have your friendship.
More work, more pics today and Wed.
And how about this weather!

Maybe you should move!?! I would come and visit! :)

@Andi: :-)))

How wonderful to be able to work from anywhere!! I'm glad you're taking advantage of it and letting us live vicariously through you!!

It looks beautiful Some places just draw us in and make us feel at home. Glad that you have found such a place.

I scrolled through the other photos too. WHat a beautiful place! I'm glad you're enjoying it and getting that work in on time! Being able to work from wherever you are is a huge bonus! I'd love to pick up my classroom and take the kids on a trip like that!

You bring a whole new level to the meaning of living vicariously ... it's a pleasure to experience another country through your eyes - the photos are amazing. Loving it! Our son and his girlfriend loved Colombia. They spent time in a place called Minca and adored the place (it's actually where they met; she's from Germany and, of course, he's a kiwi).

I can hear silence and peace resonating in your pictures, wow... Bogota is so beautiful!

Gorgeous pics! I love lilies.

Really looks like a soft, dreamy, soothing kind of vacation combined with work.....

never thought about it.

To Mr Juan Valdez, Columnbia.
Juan Valdez, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways
8250 ways to be exact as that is how many coffee beans there are, in
this pound of Premium Colombiano coffee that Agnes brought to me
from Columbia.
I have the exotic aroma of Premium Colombiano drifting through my house as I write this letter to you.
To sleep, perchance to dream and I will be dreaming of the mountains and coffee of Columbia and of the dear friend I have who brought me back some of your magic beans.

Dear Señor Lucky,
I am thanking you much for your comments regarding Mr. Valdez and most specifically his grown beans of coffee. He worked tirelessly for the aroma you now inhale. Señor Valdez at the moment resides at his new home in Pakistan, bringing the true essence of the Colombian bean to Asia. Note- there is no T in coffee. That you counted every bean and discovered the number 8250 is remarkable as it is quite ancient; a talisman if you will, guaranteeing the freshness the world knows so well. Mathematically 8250 is somewhat akin to Pi (which as you no doubt know goes very well with coffee).

Mr. Señor Ernie,
I see you are also a connoisseur of the magic beans of Columbiano and you
appreciate the aroma of freshly brewed beans in the morning. I too love the smell of freshly brewed beans in the morning. And I too am familiar with Pi and the Golden Ratio of coffee brewing, so many ounces of water to so many beans equals the perfect cup of coffee. I have been striving for the perfect cup of coffee, and for the perfect Polka and until now both have eluded me. Perhaps now with this Columbiano bean, I will achieve my goal. Wish me well Señor Ernie.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i am ENVIOUS! it sounds like you're having a FABULOUS adventure... (& getting all your work done, too, which is awesome!) holy WOWZA your photos are amazing--i mean, they always are, but these are a particularly great combo of content + style! have a ♥BLAST♥... and keep posting!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

@Lucky: @Ernie: Your comments made me google the first million digits of pi and what do you know, the succession of 8250 appeared twice... by the way and completely off topic, Life of Pi is one of my favorite books :-)

Just go skydiving to get ya back to normal when ya get back!

Your pictures are so uplifting, they inspire me to make a portrait of you!! Seriously..

Enjoy yourself in Bogota.. Fresh coffee sounds inviting.

P.s. I am not able to comment on your latest post. Why so?

Lovely, I have never been south of Costa Rica (in the Americas) so I'm also envious. ENJOY!

@LostWorld: I should probably explain this in a post as many people have asked the same question. Bottom line is, sometimes a spammer (canadian pharmacy, viagra, etc.) outsmarts my spam filter and posts spam links every minute (non-stop, sometimes for 2-3 days). Deleting spam in bulk causes me to accidentally delete legit comments in the process, which then makes the legit commenter wonder why I deleted their comment... so I just disable commenting all together in times of spam attacks.

Lovely, lovely all of the them....what a beautiful place and lilies everywhere...WOW!!!!
Will you be going back there again????

To answer ur ??? I still cannot get in here normally, today I came here thru lostworld; I didnt expect to but I did;-o....see which means I've been trying and trying and trying and........
Hahh the proverb finally makes sense;-P

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