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Since I am not that fond of make-up and dressing up (my techie job does not require me to do so), I always admire people who find the time every morning for such things...you look great :)!

@Shachi: I am make-up free most of the time too, even though I think it's totally worth the effort. Too lazy I guess.

Love, love, love your nail color in this photo. Never thought about gray nails before ...gonna give it a shot.

Awww no pictures of your hair in this good hair day post? haha we wanna see!

@Francine: I know, life is so unfair! I am having a good hair day and no one's there to immortalize it :-)

Thank god I'm not the only one who loves her grey...my friends are constantly bugging me about color! Isn't grey a color? It's the new black in my closet! :) I prefer muted tones to bright colors...I do occasionally wear a color here and there, but I'm totally out of my comfort zone. And why isn't there a pic of that hair??? :)

hmm...it reminds me that I need to something about my hairs too...lol...

Good to read you Agnes...

I love when a good hair day happens - makes the world a better place! :)

Your polish looks awesome. I keep saying I'm going to try grey. I'm very big on neutral colors too. It drives my kids crazy.

You must have good co-ordination to drive with a drink between your legs. And you are very attractive, made up or not.

You have such an eye for design as illustrated by this wonderful photo.
If you notice in my paintings, gray is my favorite color (quoting that Counting Crows song, Mr Jones and Me) because it sets off the colors that you want people to look at. The stars of the show, as it were. They aren't just grays, they're greeny grays, violet grays,orange grays. They're the supporting cast.
Your luscious, understated grays set off your loveliness... and no...I'm not trying to get you to go around the neighborhood and surreptitiously clip gardenias for me ;)

Getting up early is great when you can do it.....I used to go to sleep at 8 and get up at 4. Loved it but I was in a circumstance where I could run my own schedule. Nowadays its pretty rudimentary. The nails look really good Agnes and I would have loved to see a pic too....Your hair is gorgeous on a regular day....so on a good hair day we can only imagine!

Grey hair and grey cats...two of my favourite things too !

Your hair always looks awesome. Now mine ... talk about a bird's nest. LOL. I like your non-colours. Lovely nail polish too.

hey Agnes, you also use Sally ;) nice!! I like the it!! have a good day ahead!!

I love the fragrance of Nail-polish.

oooooooooh now that IS a luscious nail color... tho i have to say my hands are cringing a bit in embarrassment after seeing your lovely mani...

with regard to hair... in my family, the men do indeed go grey with distinguished elegance; whilst, over time, the women just become mysteriously blonder... :) :) :)

I hate colour grey in general, especially as nail colour even though my manicurist keeps telling me it's trendy. Your manicure looks perfect but that's a colour I'd never choose for me. I like blue though and bright red!

@Mary: Thank you so much for the compliment -- coming from you it means a lot :-) I also see a whole spectrum of colors in grey: violets, olive tones, rose tints and everything else.

@Anastasia: Oh no, please don't hate grey in general, or you'll be missing out on a whole universe of aesthetic emotions. You know, I seriously love short red nails paired with a cocky attitude. (It's off putting though on offenders who come across unassured or too desperate, n'est-ce pas?)

good hair is a pleasure we get only once in a while..
i love it when that day comes.. life is always a surprise

I haven't had a good hair day in a long long time...I am due!

How true Agnes! You like the life as it is, I mean the Grey:)Every thing is not black or white!

it's all great when we come together with a poof here and a dab there--but that doesn't happen that often. When it does we should celebrate. The gray polish looks good on you; it looked horrible on me---I might have put on a coat too many bringing the color up? I like the length of your nails too. Mine won't stay short. Playing the piano, for which I need short nicely trimmed nails, seems to stimulate fast growth. I keep a clipper in the bench. That last photograph of neutrals is a knock out. Good shot down into your lap in the car. I never would have thought of it.

@Linda: You play the piano, I am so impressed! I so love short nails, not only for hygiene reasons, but long nails look so... (dead?) (talon like?). I never do more than two coats (one is plenty) or they'll chip. Which is why I hardly ever get a professional manicure -- they use so much polish, top coat, what not, then it all chips :-(

I'm with you - good hair days are the BEST.

Like some one said above, short nails are a sign of good health (all may not agree with me)
Long nails don't go well with playing the piano or the Guitar :-)

Love that nail color! And isn't it funny that a good hair day translates into a positive attitude about everything?

I do put a bit of make up not too much, lip stick or gloss, nail paint, eye liners, sometimes a concealer and bit of rouge and eye shadow but never forgetting the sunscreen. I prefer soft shades of pink, lavender and the browns and neutral works best for my chipped looking nails. I like the steering wheel snap, could make a good prompt for a story. Hope you have a good Easter and have a wonderful week ahead.

I'm glad to read you love grey hair, I'm not the only one then!

We need to take care of our hairs everyday. Some care products are needed.

There are really jobs that does not require us to wear make-up on. However, it is still amazing how those who have busy schedules manage to put on make-up.http://local.philly.com/brazilian-wax-and-laser-hair-removal-philadelphia

Different colors for the nails might be attractive as you think they are. As girls, we always want our nails to be clean and presentable at any time possible.

To start, Hair weaves and wigs, are as sick to me as ptaslic surgery. I don't see them as a hair style or changing your natural hair .However,not many people, in all races, wear their hair natural. Hair Coloring, Curling Iron, Braiding, Straighting Perms, Curling Perms, Straightning Iron, Hair Gel (for spikes) etc . are ALL changing your hair from it's natural format.Why is it specially wrong for black people to change their natural hair?

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