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I work long hours as well. Being your own boss, Agnes, is not always a bed of roses, but I thoroughly enjoy working with children and often forget all about time and working hours. Yet, I am glad to have a break right now - a well-deserved break for both me and my kids.

I don't currently have one (and it shows), but the last time I was truly productive with fiction-writing I got up at 4 a.m. and worked on my writing till around 6:30 or so. If I ever get serious about writing again, I suspect I'm going to have to do something along those lines.

I LOVE these photos. Traveling keeps me constantly inspired!!!

I sit down at my desk and write whenever I can get away from housework, cooking, coffee-with-friends, family, TV, work ... Once sitting at my desk and electronic notebook, I try and free myself from on-line commitments as fast as I can - but alas I find they do encroach on my 'writing time' a little more than they should. (However when I have such wonderful blogs as yours to read and catch-up on, I really don't mind!)

I stay inspired by surrounding myself with creative people, listening to music when I work, and keeping an eye out for graphic/visual inspiration. Are you on Pinterest?

P.S. I tried grey nails and I LOVE them.

Just loved your colourful photos Agnes. Getting out on a beautiful sunny day inspires me, as does going through my art book library whilst enjoying listening to some south american music and drinking a mocha! Visiting local arty stores and surfing the web are my other ways of being inspired.

Enjoy your week. xx

My ideal schedule and reality rarely coincide. Morning is the best time for me to write, but that's also when I need to focus on my dogs. So I try to sit down for at least a few hours every day after lunch... unless I have errands to run or appointments or all of those other things that interrupt my routine. I make myself sit down and work and inspiration usually follows after an hour or so. (About the time I have to quit! It's a wonder I've written anything at all! lol) I'm the same as you, though. I love the isolation for awhile - then I crave people and conversation!

(What is your work routine? Is it the same every day or does it depend on your work load?)
- No routine. I am a travel writer.

(Also, if you're musician, a writer, painter, photographer or any kind of visual artist (or any profession really) what do you do to keep yourself inspired?)
- I don't do anything to keep self inspired. Inspiration happen naturally. And when it happen I start writing or capturing photographs.

And the last photograph - excellent. Thanks for sharing.

I enjoy these photos, always an ethereal quality to them. It's a lonely world-writing but blogging helps stay grounded and well rounded hopefully. and then turn to other hobbies when it become a chore or feel inspired. I feel a disconnection once my piece is ready to be seen. Am I the only one?

Doing several things in a day keeps me inspired! It also helps in breaking the monotony, Agnes:)

My work schedule is flexible since I am a writer. Since I am a freelancer, I just love doing varied projects. The work, the reading up on different topics, the final product all inspire me. Also, the added incentive of meeting wonderful people always works like magic.

I know this blog was not about corn chips but that pic really caught my eye - what an array - what a rainbow !

hmm....and it always inspired me that I have nothing to do anything with ART...I am no artist...no writer...no painter...no musician...and nothing...

But I can judge...what is good painting and what is not good painting...

And what you and the world put these kind of people...Agnes?

The people who can just applause...who's work in this world is to just fill up the space and whenever they see something good...they stand up with their both hands on their mouth which shows their astonishment and after a pause...they applause....hmmm....

So I can get the inspiration when ever I see something good or I must say something different....which can give me jerk to stand up...hmmm...

Nice post.

As a teacher, my work routine is pretty scheduled and I've learned to live within those boundaries pretty well. WIth my writing, I let the other side of my brain/personality take over and I go with my gut and let my mood rule the schedule. It works :)

guess it's all about passion! and loving what you do, not just making the best of it.
fun pics!!

I'm interested in the responses, maybe I'll get some new insight to use! I understand about having what you want to paint or write in your head and since you're the only one who knows this, you're the only one who can create. It becomes frustrating sometimes! The colors in the above pictures are so vibrant! Teal is one of my favorite colors. Good post!

I'm inspired by so many different things ...by going on a walk, thumbing through a magazine, a visit to someone's blog ...music. I'm more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of gal ...the same routine day in and day out bores me. I have to mix things up and that's why I love working for myself.

P.S. I love your photos today!

I find it similar with my writing, sometimes I have to step away from it and do something completely different, then come back with fresh eyes. Generally going outside and/or meeting a friend for a good chat helps... something totally unrelated.

I wish i could tell you but I work in front of a computer all day and it involves nothing creative :( You can't really be creative with pharmaceuticals - the laws are too stringent (and rightly so, of course).

Your last question. The one about inspiration. I interpret as this: How is art created?

I should be asking you. You're the artist. I'm not. But I'll make a weak attempt at answering anyway. Then you can tell me what the real answer is.

Andy Warhol and Marshall McLuhan both said that, "Art is what you can get away with." But they're not right. Throwing paint on a canvas. Typing random words on a page. That's not art. That's art's antithesis.

Rather, art comes from immersing yourself in work. Then from mastering the work to the smallest detail. Then from doing it better or differently from anyone else.

You immerse yourself in your work, Agnes. What you see in your mind's eye is a function of what a computer and its programming can do. What you've done before. What it's possible for you to do. What your client wants.

When your work is better or different from anyone else's, that's when it becomes art.

I have one word for this post: GORGEOUS!!!!!

I think I have a different routine, I work with photography nd this permit I can have a free time to elaborate some projects and make others things and works.
I´m glad to know you keep your mind busy, but also you have a time to yourself. This is health!
All the best!

My Dear Childhood Friend, I often read your blog, but you know English is not my forte. Anyway, you have always been a beautiful girl but I must comment on your last two pics. You're beaming with pleasure. Love, Adri
PS: What's the thing that inspires me? The deadline :-) I'm not an artist, I work as an adult-course organizer. Art is just a hobby but when I play the flute, Bach suite in H minor... That always helps me.

@Adri: You commented on my blog :-))))))))
I miss you girl! I miss you so much! You're the best!!!!

You didn't like my comment? :-( . . . sniff.

Good Post Agnes. You always manage to put the right words (find the right words) with the pictures!
I, for one, must work my body-exercise-before getting to work and find the mornings best, for sure.
If i do not do my "creating" early in the day, somehow, the day is gone before I have accomplished what I had set out to do. So I make sure that the most important aspects of my life, occur early.
It has been advised that one should handle the most onerous challenges first in the day. Easier said than done, although I do agree with the concept. I do know one thing and that if one is to have serious productiviity, there should be a plan for the day and the more strict the better. Life has a way of being a "bully" sometimes and the only guard against it is to have a fortress---a schedule.

You know I love your work. (I await final word on my presentation to potential clients in Colombia, very possibly may need to have you there next week!)

@Adri---so nice to see you post. Agnes told me so much about you. She was so happy you found her and has told me much about your friendship which is such a treasure.

Thank you all for the comments. I loved reading every single one of them -- thank you so much for being awesome and for inspiring me.

@Ian: What happened?? What comment? Sometimes comments don't post, I have no idea why :-( I'll look through my spam folder, sometimes they end up there for no reason at all.

@Ernie: Colombia!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I saw you booked my ticket!!!! Colombia here I come!!!!

@Rider: Your work being different or better than everyone else's… I have to agree -- quality and personality definitely have something to do with it. I guess it's easy to understand why someone would throw paint on a canvas. I've done it. I guess it puts a certain emotion out there. The problem is you haven't tamed that emotion into clarity, haven't recycled it into something worthwhile, it's still undigested and it still owns you. When you've done all those things, through hard work and whatever medium you're using, it no longer owns you but you end up owning it. And at that point, you're free from it.

I'm like you. I can immerse myself in something for a while, but eventually I need to break out and TALK to people! To keep the ideas flowing, I love just wandering the streets of London and watching people.

Dear Ernie,
Agnes was the most charming child, when we were chilren. She was clever, honest and very kind as well. A true friend. The best friend.
That's why I've searched for her for years. I am sure she is a lovely person as an adult. I'm right, aren't I?

Adri---You are so right. She is an adult version of all of the traits that you liked about her.

HA! if i had more of a "routine" i would probably get a lot more DONE! but having said that, i could completely relate to what you said both about being at some point so completely *IMMERSED* that i'm unaware of what's going on around me... (this can be disconcerting to "civilians"!) ...and then also having there come a point when i HAVE TO walk away for a bit; usually i go do something mechanical like exercise, housework, take a shower (emailing/writing/conversation are usually not helpful to me at this point, i need my mind to be able to sort of "float" if that makes sense?) often when i go back i suddenly "see" the last thing that is needed! :)

ps: having had two tiny basal cell carcinomas last year, i say, "HOORAY for sunscreen--the younger, the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ♥♥♥

I love that you can set free a work of art (and be free of it yourself), once it's reached an appropriately high level of quality and clarity. It's a reflection of your intelligence and will.

Other artists aren't the way you are. Charles Frazier couldn't let "Cold Mountain" go. So his wife threatened to print it from the computer and send it to the publisher herself. Only then did he finish his book.

I guess you artists are individuals, Agnes. Just like the rest of us. :-)

Hey Agnes! I'm also my own "boss" and what keeps me going is scheduling in "free" time and "buffer" time ... making sure that I really do get away. That way my "focus" time is really focused and very powerful. I'm learning to work smarter to replace working longer. LOVE your pics.

I teach Yoga part time. It's only a few days a week for a couple hours. For some reason it seeems to take up the whole day! I've heard that can happen with part-time jobs. It sounds like you're enjoying your job and that's great. I go to Malaga and Madrid, Spain in May. I'll let you know how it is :) Take care!

@Rider: How interesting. Guess there's a fine line between being a perfectionist and actually getting stuff done, si?

I can only wish my work was anywhere close to some kind of art :( i am in a very very non-artsy field unfortunately :))

Caught up on all your last posts until laundry day...now i am refreshed :)

I agree. Except there's no line.

There's an impenetrable wall between the perfect and everything else. And a single door.

A normal person -- a person like me -- never sees what's on the wall's far side. Try with all our might, the door still won't open.

It opens for only one kind of person. A person like you, Agnes. An artist.

Only an artist can conceive of what's perfect.

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