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For me, my morning cup of coffee is more of a habit. I only drink flavored coffees ...if that tells you anything.

I wish I lived closer to a coffee house, we don't even have one in our town. I like mine strong, so much so that ordering it anywhere but a good coffee house usually means I am going to get heated water with coffee flavoring added. Ugh. Hope your design work is magnificent all month! M

I've gotten into the habit of only drinking a cup of coffee at a diner on a Sunday morning. The rest of the week I'm a mostly water girl, with the occassional bubble tea thrown in there to curb the afternoon lull. I found a noodle/dim sum place around the corner from my job and they have bubble tea galore there and I loooooove it.

Did you purposely set-up that first photo because of the matching colors? I like my coffee strong and black but not extremely strong. Our daughter working at Starbucks once spoiled my on their coffee. Now I'm a gold card carrying member. Typically I drink coffee at home.

Must be nice being busy doing what you do. I'm envious. I drink my coffee at home these days. I pour the first cup in the morning, take it down to my studio where I get side tracked doing everything else but drink it. By the time I remember to take a sip, it's cold. I reheat it in the microwave we have in the bar. And so it goes hot, cold, hot, cold till the very last drop.

I rarely drink coffee, it gives me bad headaches. But when I do drink a cup, it's strong a black.

I've never deveeloped a taste for coffee - but I can't live without my Chai Tea! :)

You look totally awesome Agnes x

Thanks for the "good company" label. I will continue to wear it well. While you never really verbalized it to me, I could sense that when I meet you for morning coffee it carries a significance beyond simply a drink. Really sort of a ritual. Good to see you so busy too Agnes. I am not surprised considering the high quality of your work. (The recent client product carried great impact yet maintained its aesthetic).

The title of your post immediately reminded me of a recent trip welI made to a cafe. In fact, if you remember, the name of the establishment had CAFE in its mame....Like Downtown Cafe or Cafe Contigo. But when I went in, they told us they don't serve coffee! Go figure.

I really would love a post about some of your graphic design work. Share?

You look amazing and I am totally with you on the coffee love. It's just the perfect way to ease your way into the day!

I love my coffee first thing in the morning, piping hot and strong :).

I have to have coffee every day - it is something I look forward to and I like it strong, hardly any milk just a little froth atop a long black !!

I love going out for morning coffee. Whenever I'm back in a city, I make sure to head to a Starbucks first thing in the AM :)

@Heather: I think once a product that carries my design hits the market (loooong process) I'm allowed share that particular piece of work. I can probably share smaller impact pieces, like postcards, ads, etc that are not product related -- let me check into it, ok?

I feel the same way about morning... and my first cup of coffee. I love it iced in the summer, except for my first cup which has to be hot. Yum! Congrats on all the work!

(life is so fresh and new in the morning and I like being part of it)
Well said. And the first photograph - I like the colors all around. Thanks for sharing.

Ditto for early mornings, its the best part of the day.. fresh and quiet! And though I am not much of a coffee person, but whenever I do grab a cuppa, I also like to have it light :-)

I like LOTS of strong coffee!
Have fun with your projects! you are blessed to have a job you love!

hooray for being happily and successfully *BUSY* in a career you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

as for the other: i'm emphatically *not* a morning person; in fact i NEED coffee to make coffee... luckily i have one of those coffee makers with a timers, you set it up the night before and the coffee is READY when one wakes! hallelujiah, it is awesome! now if it could just be taught to POUR ITSELF and tiptoe quietly to my bedroom... :) :) :) (b/c YES, i really am that LAZEEEEEEEE of a morning girl!!!)

I love espresso and ristretto - one or two in a day are more than enough. But I can't live without tea! I need 2 mugs of green tea every morning to wake up and go to work! Coffee doesn't work!

you should live nearby starbucks only ;)
i like it light too, sometime cold coffee is much better.. bitter ones i dun like

I'm a guy. My tastes are simple.

I know seven colors. Two of them are black and red.

You're wearing a black blouse and red jeans in the first photo. Also red lipstick. And your hair was cut. I may not know what the color cyan is, but I know what I like. That photo's it.

Ernie and Lucky are lucky fellows to share morning coffee with you.

@Rider: Seven is good, but you really only need three :-) You can pretty much create any color by mixing red, yellow and blue. But you'll need white too.

All most all people start their morning with a cup of coffee. I have see some people are there who will never leave their bed without having coffee i their hand.

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