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A city and country I know very little about, but it looks quite festive!

Your post reminded me of my best friend when I was a student in Switzerland. Her name is Myriam and she is from Bogota, Colombia I still remember how excited she was when it was snowing. She had never seen snow before! Your photos are fabulous! Take good care of yourself and enjoy your stay in Bogota...and the coffee!!! :-)

I must put this on my list of places to visit...love your photos!

Wow, look at those mountains! I hope you were able to find a camera charger. These pictures are so colorful! Is the weather chilly there? In the movie, Romancing The Stone, didn't Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner end up in Bogota? The town scenery just looks familiar. Enjoy that coffee! Have you ever drank Community Coffee? The first time I ever drank it was in New Orleans, it's very popular there.

Thanks for the personal travelogue, Love the mood throughout.

Wonderful photography Agnes! I really love the photos that feature your makeup and jewelry too. I hope you're having an amazing time.

you are fortunate to experience it!

I loved Bogota toooooo! I bought the most gorgeous gold jewelry there. And I totally agree it's the BEST coffee in the world.

You have the correct importance listed for your adventure
...Coffee for Lucky !!
Can't wait

I can see why you love it there. Your photos show the
beauty that is Bogota, Just stellar phootos

what a great trip Agnes :) really enjoyed your photos! Enjoy

Again I love the balcony and the view. Thanks for sharing.

Great picture essay on Bogota! And I especially like the street shot looking towards a stark rock face in the background.

hmmm...and its nice to see that you are enjoying it...

You should plan to visit me as well someday...Agnes.

Lovely post Agnes! The pictures were beautiful and makes me want to travel there:)

Oh, I am so excited! A travel entry after a long time and it is so beautiful! Have fun, Agnes and do keep us posted :)

Nice to read your descriptions and see some fab photos.

I wish I was there with you. Or if only I could be Ernie or you... Of course I'm just kidding. But I must admit I'm green with envy. Waiting for the new pics. Love, Adri

Gorgeous photos! May I say LOVE your boots:)!! Alright going to add this place on my bucket list!! Happy day to you:)!!

@Adri: I wish you were here too!! I'll buy the tea you asked for and send it with your clothes & cosmetics when I get back, OK?

@Lucky: It's time I got my priorities straight :-) I can hardly believe how good the local coffee is. Spicy food on the other hand is not very spicy at all. Don't get me wrong I am loving the food, but the local definition of 'spicy' is not at all synonymous with your or my definition.

I love it!!! Suddenly you're just in Bogota! I had no clue haha! Would love to know more about what you're doing there. Take care and enjoy it to the fullest! Abrazos,

Your photographs say you love it there. They say maybe I would love it there too. My son couldn't stop talking about the Colombian coffee when he came home. He brought us all some and it was...out of this world. Now: whose eye shadows are those? They look fabulous--all the right shades. The necklace isn't too shabby either. Beautiful.

It looks so charming. I think I would like it there too. Beautiful necklace.

I can understand why you love it! There's just something about old towns set in the mountains with narrow, winding streets... and good coffee is just icing on the cake!

oh YUMMMMM! what's not to ♥LOVE♥??! if only the internet were an ACTUAL portal into new spaces instead of a virtual one, i've a feeling all of your readers (including me!!!) would be strolling into those photos to join you! (not to worry, i'll bring you a cup of espanol, mi amiga!!!) ♥

wow! nice ;) can i have the coffee as well? lol :)

You made me laugh. When I first camw ro Italy, I did the same thing, adding o and a to alot of things. Ahhh, if it were only that easy. BTW, great pics too

Tus fotos me han encantado, eres una bellísima mujer.

Wow, Nice traveling report! I like your photoshoot skill.

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