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Like, Wow! as they say. That's living.

One day taking it easy and the next leaving on a jet plane to Bogota!

Do write more about Colombia! Have a nice time Agnes:)

wow. i always wanted to go there, too. :)

Have a great time, be safe and take a lot of pictures if you can!

This sounds like an adventure - take care, love Kate

Wow! Colour me jealous! Have a fab time - I expect many photos.


What are you doing there? Have a good time!

Enjoy all the super-fresh coffee!

@Francine: Mainly work.

I'm like Ian, one day you've finished a big job and need to relax, next day you're on a JetBlue to a wonderful place. The scenery out your window is beautiful! Where's Smokey?

Better side step any wild hotel parties and American reporters--could get blown up into a stateside scandal. LOL. And watch out for your shoes. My son said you put them down for a minute and they disappear. When you find them in the morning, they look like new and are ready to go again. The view looks fantastic. I hope you get out into that sunshine and aren't stuck in some conference room all day.

Oh you should have told me you were going! I have been there before and have tons of suggestions, plus I have a lot of great friends there that would take great care of you. Email me if you're still there!

Welcome to Bogota Agnes. This is one of my favorite cities. Being from NY it feels like Bogota is a close cousin. You will love it here. Meet me for breakfast, you're going to love Colombian coffee. It's the real deal.

Have a nice day ✿*゚¨゚✎


Have a lovely trip Agnes! I can't wait to see more photos.

Oh what a life you have there, Lady! Thanks for sharing the photos. What are you in Columbia for ...business or pleasure?

Enjoy your latest adventure Agnes.

The last image rewind memory when I was at Hill-Station. I can watch foggy weather, town and mountains as well. Cool image. Thanks for sharing.

That last photo is so lovely. I would have a hard time pulling myself away from that view! Have fun!

Wow! How come in Colombia? I have heard pretty dangerous things about this country.

So nice great

Have fun, can't wait to see more pics.

Lisa x

I could sit hours on end on that balcony contemplating the view.

wow.. the place looks good :)
have fun...

You have shown us beautiful scenes from everyday life. Enjoy your relaxed stay.

great) liked everything very much) keep it up and dont stop)th

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