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I love eavesdropping on conversations like that, even if I can't understand a word of it! I wonder if they knew each other before or were just drawn to each other once in the states...

I once brought my 3 teenage daughters to a poetry reading at the Guggenheim in Venice. We sat on the lawn and listened for an hour or so to this poet read his poems in Italian, not understanding a word. But it was like music with it's melody and cadence and we were all transfixed as we watched and listened to him, saw the response from the audience and the ambiance of the locale.

You need to get a pic with them!

Fascinating. I would be curious too. Whenever I hear a language that I don't understand, I always wonder where the person might be from.

I'm with you on the coffee! I love hearing other languages. I think it's neat that you had a conversation with them to ask them where they were from.

P.S. I totally love your shirt and jacket.

I've noticed in my travels that people who have moved to foreign countries and are not fluent in the local tongues love to get together with fellow countrymen/women to chat in their home languages, feeling relaxed and comfortable as they sip their coffees.
Nice pic of you, Agnes.

Two lines from Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" and a picture of you with your incredible, dazzling smile. Nothing's better than that.

It's a wonderful posting, Agnes.

I got so caught up in your blog I completely forgot what link I had followed to get here. After I looked at my open tabs I realized it was from Google reader specifically the WM3 link I have there. What a story that is, I totally support Damien and pals their quest for exoneration. I keep asking myself how can this happen in America?

I guess even those who speak English fluently love to converse with others in their languages/s. Part nostalgia, part a sense of belonging I guess.
Cheerful, ready to take on the world picture. :)
Enjoy your week ahead.

Anything forign sounds interesting:)

@Ian & @Rek: Interesting. I love speaking Hungarian. Especially if the person I am speaking to speaks English and we can mix it up. I almost never tell Germans I speak German though, and if they find out and start talking to me in German I will still answer in English.

@Rob: Thank you for your kind words.
The WM3 trials were so wrong on so many levels -- don't even know where to begin.

Living in a small town, I miss that interaction with the larger world... Btw, I just looked back through your Pakistan blogs--that's beautiful. I've always wanted to go there and travel the train from Lahore into India (providing the border is open). Have you seen the movie "Earth"?

With all our differences we are all still the same. Funny that, don't you think?

Okay that second pic with the sandwich n the coffee has gotten me hungry! There is something about coffee houses and the random conversations that float in it that make you feel immediately at home...like you said a brotherhood of sorts. You look really thin Agnes. Not good, if I am allowed to say that.

Travel is so liberating and it certainly appears that you have gained so much by expanding you points of view (no doubt that is why it is often said that travel broadens one---but I believe they really mean it provides one with more "viewpoints". Your perspective (another word in the viewpoints family) is what so fascinates me about your blog. There is no attempt to think or blog "out of the box" but straight forward Agnes. Its refreshing. And I think I realized the "secret". There is no secret. Its you.

Ah, I know how interesting it is to hear other languages. In India, we can hear so many languages around us.

I love that they congregate at a Starbucks! :)

There's something about fellow travellers (or those who have travelled) that really forms a bond.

men do the same thing everywhere.

So good to see you looking happy. Enjoy the mornings, the coffees, the beach ...

Some of my best memories from my wild,untamed years come from sitting at the local coffee shop two block up from the beach in La Jolla. There was a gathering of all types of people from high-powered lawyers to leftover flower children who sold sarapes on the beach. After a full day on the waves we would sit out on the patio and enjoy tea, coffee and cider with the night winds blowing in from the ocean. We really didn't care what we talked about, but we never broached sensitive subjects, for some reason. Such good times in such a short period of my life. Thanks for carrying me along on memory lane today!

I see that a lot here in Germany...just yesterday I had lunch with some friends at a thai house and a group of Korean women were huddled together speaking Korean. I find myself eavesdropping a lot of German conversations trying to pick out the few words I know. I got my starbucks fix in Ireland, although I must say, the German coffee is superb here.

@Aubrey: Deutsch Kaffee ist ziemlich gut und Dublin ist die (der?) beste (besten??) Stadt in Europa (minus the weather). (My grammar sucks)

You look great!!! It's funny, places like Starbucks and Panera are the places I hang out now as opposed to other drinking establishments :) Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather!

I am fascinated by foreign languages - German in particular - and espresso or ristretto!

One of the things I learned about travel to another country is that a smile is universally understood. A great post!

Off topic - sorry! Just wondering if any of you have spent time or know much about Madrid or Malaga Spain? I am definitely spending a week in Malaga, but have a few days before my flight out of Madrid. Just wondering if there is a lot to see in Madrid or should I just stay in the Malaga area. Thanks :)))

Oh lovely scene, I can picture it now. I think its the brotherhood or just the sense of belonging, we all want that. Hope you are good my friend. ;-)

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