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Oh laundry day! That's my goal for this weekend, steamclean the carpet and laundry! Doesn't that sound like fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

Hope the laundry day goes ok and that you have a good evening. I could do with a laundry week, personally!

Mmm is that Nutella I see behind you ? My favourite way to start the day - especially if it's laundry day.

I missed your blog while I was away in Asia! Have a great weekend!!!

@Andi: Oh Andi if I were in Asia I wouldn't be missing anything especially my blog :-) (Except Smokey of course :-D)

I'm doing laundry too and I'm not happy about it! I went grocery shopping today too. I am trying to get everything out of the way before the weekend.

I like your eyebrows in this picture.

Nice eyebrows.

My laundry does the same thing! Love the splash of color in this pic.

Go green, lovely picture with the hint of colour. Enjoy your week ahead.

Hopefully you had fun! It's laundry day here, too.

I get those weeks! Totally! Enjoy your time off. I'm sure the washing will be there again when you get back ;) xx

Laundry day has been quite ...adventurous for me lately. Cold, gloomy rainy days did not allow me to hang my laundry to dry in the sun! I sometimes wish I had a tumble dryer!

everyday is laundry day in my house.

we had a freak rainstorm last week, very very early one mionrng. i woke to the sound of rain, then jumped out of bed to rescue a load of laundry that i had taken off the clothesline but left outside in the basket. i just left the new load that was hanging up and let it dry all over again.

Friday is loved by many people. It is the day where we release all the stress we got from the week of working and thinking anything we did not even know would happen.

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