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yea....and sometimes you make a mundane event or concept come alive with your blog! It's a "talent" that all too often we have as children and we "grow out" of it as the world gets more "real". Or is it actually the other way around?

I know what you mean about the 'discovering what I think' and the 'forgetting'. Mostly blogging releases the thoughts, though, or at least lets me see that I wasn't so sure about what I thought, after all.

I certainly don't follow the blog every day mantra. 3 or 4 times a week is plenty. Hotel Blogfornia can be a great place to stay. I did a post on that song once.
Looks like iced coffee - the only iced one I like is the frappuccino.

Yes, blogging is indeed beautiful and so is your post each and every time you blog. You have such a wonderful way of expression and I am a fan of yours, Agnes!

No need to blog every day but it's always wonderufl to hear from you whenever you have the time. I agree about the song. It's one of my personal favourites.

I feel the same, Agnes and certainly don't want to bore anyone ever or for my blogging to become a 'chore' !!!

I always love reading your words
when you write from the heart Agnes.
My only complaint woul ever be that, like me,
you don't blog often enough.

I hope you're having a lovely day

Gary xox

I ranted and raved for days over my blogger problems. But you're right, blogging about them to the world helped to balance my act. Blogging definitely has a useful purpose. It lets you see where you've been and often points out where you're going. --It let's you see you're not alone on the planet. Others are going where you were and where you are.

Busy is good :}.

It's like that for me too. The work-eat-sleep things and blogging to help me remember and blogging and then forgetting.

There's something to be said for the rhythm of work in one's life.

hmmm...and I love to read you...often...

I hope all is well with you Agnes!

As the saying goes, 'how can I know what I think until I say it!' I find the act of talking and writing definitely help me clarify something, whether something visual I saw, an idea I have sort of floating around, or my impressions of an idea or person. At the same time, it can make me escape into creative flow in ways just thinking can't.

I sometimes wish I had the time to blog every day. On week days it's practically impossible due to a very busy schedule at work and at weekends I still have marking to do at home in addition to socialising and spending some more time with Alkis. I'm sure I'll be able to blog every day when I retire!

I do that all the time. Hello there, post about 4 hours worth of jury duty.

Love that song - it's going to be stuck in my head all night :)

The mundane takes on a special glow when we look at it from the right angle!

Now I'm singing that song and craving coffee! Lovely post Agnes. Sometimes mundane can be good.

I'm glad you find time to blog. Even if it's about not very much. It's kind of like the cheapest therapy money can buy. I love some Me Time at the end of the day.


A cute post, Agnes:)

Personally, I love the mundane. It's a sneak peek into someone's life.

I always read your blog posts. Love your photos :) Blogging does the same to me. It feels good to be connected.

Yeah... typing away helps in many ways.

steppenwolf and the eagles back to back... now *THAT* is what i need in the morning... can we have some classic stones, next, please?! ♥

yes busy is definitely good..
i wish that kind of busy life for me too..
hope it happens soon enough

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