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love it all.....but you gotta tell me about the t-shirt!

No swimsuit pics? :-(

My favourite kind of day! Looks like the weather is gooood!

I just finished lunch (Kadhi, Chawal) but last photograph made hungry again. Thanks for sharing.

We had one of those, too. We were in jackets, but I still count it.

@Ernie: It's an old shirt from the Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones quadraphonic film concert. It's got that awesome soft weave old t-shirts have. That hat is Bob Marley, I bought it in Philly in the Summer. You can have the hat if you want it, I think it'll look great on you, especially with your aviators. Just grab it next time you're at my place.

Looks like you enjoy the sand. simple sand

Oh, I so want a beach day.

I miss the beach. When my ship comes in I am anchoring it just offshore from my beach home.

It looks like an amazing day Agnes. I love calm, warm days!

Oh, to see a sunrise and sunset at the beach! Beautiful pictures.

Great photos! It looks like a very relaxing day.

Mmmmm. I'm hungry. Can't imagine hanging at the beach here yet, but that day is coming soon.

So jealous, wish with all of my heart that I had a beach nearby.

Lucky you. Glad you had a relaxing day.

loved the pics - especially the sunset one. I'm on a tropical beach vacation too and really enjoying it!

Now that looks like a great day! We've had warm temps here - our snowbanks are almost gone! Must be beach weather soon! :)

Such beautiful photos and you are an enigma ;)
Love the sticky fingers t-shirt!

oh, you make me want to just jump in the car and head for the coast!

Lovely sunset after what looks like the best beach day for you, Agnes - half your luck - our summer is on the wane !!

Cool! And the sandwiches are inviting!

Awesome and adorable! thnks

Oh, I so want a beach day too. ))

wow! that's a great view of the beach.:) I love it. wanna see something like that during the sunset or sunrise.^^,

It's just amazing. I loved your photos. It seems you have enjoyed a lot in your vacation.

Great photos!. It seems this is a very beautiful place for vacation and surfing.

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