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Great photos from one of the best windows in the plane! I've got some of those myself. They're my favorites. The only way to fly. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing friends; you can't beat those times.

I just got back from picking the kids up from school and am exhausted too. I am not wearing eyeliner though.

I'm also exhausted, and I only traveled about 3 and a half miles today...

@Captain Dumbass: Eye shadow :-)

Wonderful photos... love that first one, especially! Hope you're able to get rested up!

You are so gorgeous!

Great blog....we not only get to see what your eyes see....we get to see your eyes and they are as lovely as the landscape. My humble opinion.
Welcome Home!

I like that your eyeshadow and fingernail polish match. It makes me happy.

Still loving that fingernail polish! I keep telling myself I should go out and get some. I'm glad to hear you arrived home safely.

That's a cool colour for the eyes shadow and nails. And the swooping picture from the plane is fascinating. Have a great day and week ahead.

Agnes, one word Lovely <3 xxx

Wow, cool photos and take rest!

Great pics Agnes!
Loved the second shot.
Have a wonderful week ahead :)

I love the view out of the plane window.

Love the shot out the window. Wish my pics turned out that good. Haven't had much practice shooting from the seat in a plane though. Sounds like it was a great trip

Very nice pictures! TC Agnes:)

The view out of the plane is fine but the view of the young woman applying eye shadow is so cool!

Great photos, Agnes! I've been a bit under the weather lately and feel exhausted too! Looking forward to our long Greek festive weekend! Take care and get a good rest.

@Anastasia: Get well soon! I am down with the flu too... but I think I'm over the worst part.

Our youngest son's girlfriend is in LA at present - today she skyped C and described how she'd gone to see GOOGLE offices.

Hi Agnes! I returned from a West Texas trip last weekend. I spent a lot of time in L.A. and considered living there in 2007. California is a truly beautiful state, but then so is Florida! Nice post. Hope you are happy and well.

Michael :)

the pictures are telling the story of a good trip you had.. hope the flu is gone now & you are feeling good.

What gorgeous photos. Welcome back.

Great shots! I hope you are resting up from your travels.

Gorgeous photos! Welcome back.

Amazing pictures Agnes...looks like you had great time with friends :-)

You write that you "[j]ust got back from LA but [you] miss [your] friends already." That's not empty sentiment. That's something you mean.

They must feel the same way about you.

great pictures! enjoy your rest!! start strong tomorrow!

This is something which i dont generally do, but what the hell i loved your post so i wish to say thank you. You have gotten a loyal reader.

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