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Gorgeous gorgeous :) Agnes, you look so similar to your Mom :) xxx

Yes, such similarity, such natural beauty! :)

I see where your good looks come from :)

Now I know where you got that beauty from. You look like your mother so much!

I dig the style AND the killer eyebrows!

So great! I love looking at old photos of my mother. She was such a little babe.

I can see the likeness. She was so beautiful.

She's beautiful Agnes! I can see where you got your beauty. Thanks for sharing her photos with us.

Wow, love these photos. You favor her so much!

She looks sooo much like you and stunning of course!!!

Twins !! Double beauties too !! xx

Wow! You are just in the same mold:)

Wow - like mother like daughter! Two gorgeous women!

The second last photograph is almost you.

For a moment I thought, that was you! Gorgeous!

Oh my goodness - you look so much alike! You're both beautiful.

holy ♥WOW♥ she looks like you!!! or, rather, i suppose i should say YOU look like her... seeing as she had the gig first! :)

is it just me, or do we think the photographer of the last photo might've had a bit of a "close encounter" with that little fist immediately afterwards? nahhhhhh... surely not! :) :) :)

You do look like your mom--with your dad's coloring? Two beautiful women. You didn't fall from from the tree at all.

wow - such a beautiful face and personality!

Incredible!! You could be twins!!! beautiful twins.

Like mother like daughter - two beautiful women. Great to catch up, Agnes.

Stunning, and you look so beautiful, just like her!

She's striking, and so are you! Quite nice. Hope your week will be great!

I must say that you two could pass for identical twins. She is a beautiful lady too, just as you are.

WOW Agnes. Nice pictures!!

Goodness, you are certainly your mother's daughter, you've obviously inherited her beauty!

And the same far away look in both of your eyes.

Didja' ever read about Monarch butterflies and that crazy trek they take? Turns out the ones that land aren't the same ones that take off. I think of that all the time when I look at my kids. It struck me just now...as I noticed the physical similarities between you and your mom...

Your mother is beautiful. Did she graduate from high school in the mid-70s? She looks like she could have been from one of my vintage yearbooks.

Wow, you look so similar! Gorgeous photos.

She's beautiful Agnes. Can see where you got your good looks.

You have wonderful readers, Agnes. Do you know how often they complimented you and your mother? Here the statistics as of noon Saturday (EST), February 11th:

* You are "beautiful" - 6 times
* You are a "beauty" - 5 times
* You are "gorgeous" - 4 times
* You are "stunning" - 2 times
* "Wow" - 2 times
* You have "good looks" - 2 times
* You are "striking" - 1 time

I agree with every one of their comments, of course.

But the comments aren't the real reason I'm writing. I'm writing because of the picture in your immediately preceding posting. The one where you precluded our commenting.

It's in that picture that you show off your full, world-class smile.

It's in that picture that we discover you really are beautiful, Agnes.

U both look so similar....like A Lincoln says you both could pass for twins;-o

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