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Oh so close. You get a few bucks with four numbers?

Too close.

Oh My God! When I first saw the post, I though you'd won! This was real close! Better luck next time, Agnes :-)

Hi Agnes...I'm also getting excited about my upcoming trip to Ireland! I have family near LA. Hope your weekend is fabulous! :)

Two numbers up, one number down.
Better buy a lottery ticket. Oh, you just did.:-)

And your heart fell at twenty one! Damn.

@Linda: Almost fainted. Lucky had the ticket in his hands while I was looking at the winning numbers. I only remembered four of my numbers (the right ones)... all the blood rushed out of my head and told Lucky I won... I thought I was gonna pass out.

Oh, man! I've never gotten that close before!

Ouch :(
You do get a small payoff for four though ?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would need a couple of drinks after that! If you had won what would be the 1st thing you would buy?

@Andi: Wow, don't know! We were in Panera at the time so I guess lunch for everyone who was there?

I'm holding the lottery ticket, you are reading me the numbers and the first 4 numbers you
are reading are correct and I am holding my breath and stopping time and I am thinking that someone I know will soon be a gazzillionaire ...and that means I could have all the
Panera brocolli soup I want forever . Even though you did not win the gazzillion dollars
the dreams of what coulda been, were well worth it

Yikes! I think that's almost worst than having them all super far away!! Maybe next time :)

Oh so close!!! I'd have passed out too. Don't you get something for having four of the numbers though?

So close and yet so far...I thought you won...better luck next time, maybe Lucky can buy one...nothing luckier than his name. ;) Enjoy your Sunday.

You buy lottery tickets? That is so cute. :)

Oh nooooooo! So close yet so far.

Oh no :( I would be so mad if that happened to me!

Missed a treat from you Agnes:(! Hope you are in luck next time!


Well, can't win if you don't play, so keep at it! haha

I have stopped buying lottery tickets. I either get too close or too far...but never win anything! :-)

Runner-up - correct?
Maybe winner someday.

Haha, I buy Lotto too. Afterall whoever has ever won without buying a ticket, right?

But with four numbers you definitely won something, right? Like not retirement money, but go out for a fantastic evening kind of money xo

So so close!

wow its really close Agnes.. ;) you are lucky enough, some don't even come close i believe

Oh my Agnes....what a start that must have given your heart. Hang onto those lucky numbers...it might just be written in your stars.

I'm sure I posted a comment here....sometime last week I think;-(

It was something lame tho...I bet it went to spam;-P

So close. Almost worse to be that close than get no numbers at all?

When Lucky comments, as he did above on February 25th at 3:32 p.m., he makes your postings extra special. I remember that "Casablanca" is one of Lucky's favorite movies.

So, I can see you two in my mind's eye. Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund. Alone and huddled over a table in Rick's Cafe American. You're examining a small piece of paper.

Both of you are outwardly cool, calm, and collected. That's the kind of people you are. But somehow your excitement is perceptible. That piece of paper can change lives forever.

Suddenly a wave of disappointment washes over you two, though you both appear coolly indifferent.

Rick looks down, picks up his spoon, and continues eating his Panera broccoli soup.


I wish you had won, Agnes.

@Rider You wish I had won? Even though it would have robbed me of the priceless experience of receiving the most awesome comment ever?

Thank you for the response, Agnes. It made me smile.

But the truth is that I'd still rather you'd won. That's because Lucky "could have [had] all the Panera broccoli soup [he] want[ed] forever."

WOW that is amazing. You are in flow.

And there is that famous line in the movie..."We'll always have Paneras"

@Lucky: Ernie and I stopped by Panera last night. No sooner has Ernie finished uttering the words "I can't believe Sam is not here" than my eyes land on that familiar, headsetted face, and I think to myself, we'll always have Panera and as long as we have Panera, we'll always have Sam.

I think he is a chef at Paneras (?)...and he makes the broccoli soup. He made it for you and I asked him to make it for me. One time I said to Sam...'you made it for her, you can make it for me' and he made me the best broccoli soup ever !

Yes, I remember well being at Paneras late one night.
I guess I looked a bit sleepy....Sam looked at me and said Sam ain't you going to bed"?
"Not right now" I aaid....
He asked me if I was every going to bed.....and I said no.
And you know what he said?
"Well, I ain't sleepy either"
And that is why I have never been to Paneras without seeing Sam. It just wouldn't be Paneras. No way.

@Ernie: Huh?

All those references to "Sam" in the comments made me think of the "Casablanca" misquotation: "Play it again, Sam."

Lucky surprised me when he didn't refer to the famous misquote in his March 13th comment. Then I read his comment several more times and did some research in "Wikipedia." Of course! Lucky never would use the misquote. He's a purist when it comes to "Casablanca."

Instead, he paraphrased the original words. When Ilsa entered the cafe she asked Sam to "Play it ['As Time Goes By'] once . . . for old times' sake." Later, Rick said to Sam, "You played it for her, you can play it for me."

That's why Lucky wrote: "One time I said to Sam...'you made it for her, you can make it for me.'"


Hey, Lucky, your paraphrase was seen and understood. And appreciated.

@Rider: Of all the comments in all the towns in all the world, you crack Lucky's. How about Ernie's, I still haven't solved that one (he refuses to tell me what it means).

Ernie's comment means he's one of your great guy friends, Agnes. Probably the best of your guy friends.

@Rider: Yes he is a good guy, one of the best. I was gonna rent Casablanca last night but it was rented out. So I got Capote instead (great movie) only my DVD player died on me. I ended up watching 48 Hour Mystery ... it was no Casablanca so I fell asleep but I'm pretty sure the guy got LWP.

That would have been pretty amazing to win. You were so close! Imagine picking up that nice lump sum cash? It's crazy to think a $2 slip of paper could change your life forever. Good luck for next time!

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