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White suit... gunny sack... it's all about the wearer :)

Sorry for the stresses and delays but yay for the new accounts! Love those boots!

Sigh ... you always manage to look so stylish. Happy weekend :)

WOW, what a well thought out outfit. Those boots are awesome, that bag is too ...could go on and on. Staying busy doing things you like helps with the stress ...at least for me.

It's all in the attitude, isn't it. You'll have a great weekend and a great busy week, I have no doubt.

LOVE your outfit, especially the necklace!

You look like an artist, which is what you are: classy, smart and eccentric. Love ya!

You've traveled through the most dangerous countries on earth. You once were protected by as many as seven bodyguards. You've driven all day through back country roads and then eaten dinner where you were the only Caucasian woman.
Your clothing is functional: jean jackets, boots, and aviator sunglasses. Your pictures are solemn.
It's clear you're a strong woman.
But lately your postings have changed. You've written about bright, red lipstick; about foundation makeup; about the beauty counter.
This is a new and much softer side. It becomes you, Agnes.

I like photographs. You know colors. Thanks for sharing.

@Rider: Must be because none of my female friends are in town right now and I gotta download them idle beauty thoughts somewhere.

I'm trying to understand the relationship between the way you dress and your getting two new accounts. I've a few inconsistent thoughts about it.

My first thought is that Carol is right. You look like an artist. The way you dress is perfect for getting the accounts.

My second thought is that the way you dress is irrelevant. It's your great product that sells the accounts.

My third thought is that you'd look great in a white suit. Maybe you'd get even more accounts. (grins)

Here's wishing you a great weekend, Agnes.

@Rider: I don't think there's a relationship. I think suits used to be important but times have changed. They can also make a person look insurance salesman-ish.

Hello old friend - I see I have a lot of catching up to do :)

I don't always like the way you dress...but, I must admit, you look great in what you choose to wear.

The new accounts will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you provide a higher quality than they even expected. I know. The suggestions you have made for me and my business, the look, the approach and the attitude have made a great difference.....a higher quality than I expected. Thanks Agnes.

@Ernie: I'm smiling from ear to ear :-) I can't remember if we decided to go to Datz tonight or tomorrow night?

Hi Agnes....Datz (casual) is Sunday later evening--less crowded after SuperBowl...

I completely agree...I refuse to do the corporate dressing thing. And I have a necklace almost exactly the same as yours...it's hanging on my wall as decoration at the moment! My weekend is over but hope yours is still going strong : )

I wanted to say "nice pictures". But reading about the fiscal crisis at the bottom, I decide to consider just this: "All the best my friend!!!!"

congrats on the accounts! it's not the clothes..it'd the person.

You always look incredible Agnes. You wear everything with style and grace!

it's lucky you're sooooooooo very lovely missy, or i might be a little upset that you've thrown down the "T-WORD" in the post above!!! 'scuse me whilst i go hyperventilate for a bit... and then order a copy of turbo tax... :) :) :)

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