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I hope you enjoy your time away.

Have a wonderful trip Agnes! There's nothing like traveling to make you appreciate coming home.

Have a wonderful journey Agnes! Be a bird!

WoW - Have a nice journey.

Enjoy it :)Wishing you many happy adventures.

Bon Voyage! I too have to catch one tomorrow:)

Nice pictures. Makes me wish I were going, too. :)

Have enough fun and adventure for both of us!

I dig that purse!

Have a fun trip :) xxx

Have a great trip. Packing has never looked so stylish!

Where are you headed?

Hi Agnes, enjoy your trip.

I've been a follower for sometime now...but today I've gone past your blog and read more. This part of your page struck me because it is soooo very true and I'd like to thank you for writing it:

"When you write, you turn that misery into beauty. When you paint, you turn all that misery into beauty. When you dance, you turn all that misery into beauty. Own your own experiences, wear your scars and let them go get lost among sentences and brush strokes and dance moves instead of pondering over your own misfortune. Recycle your scars into beauty. Realize your own power."

Enjoy the trip and I loved the bag. Your mom looked very pretty in those old snaps.

Oh la la where are you headed!?!

..And I am already getting all excited here! Happy Traveling Agnes :)

Hope it's a good one!
I haven't been on a plane since November and I'm getting a little itchy :-)

What the heck is a straw doing in your coffee??

the pleasure sounds more fun.

Just popping in to say Hi! (still no computer... *sigh*). Love the pics of your mom in the last post. Hope you have safe travels - enjoy!

When I travel, I enjoy packing and hate ...unpacking! Enjoy your trip!

The joys of last minute packing!

bon voyage, ma'am, and i hope it is mostly ♥PLEASURE♥... even the business parts!!! :)

have a safe journey Agnes.. :D

Have fun Agnes :) and the photos of your mum are beautiful.

Take care xx

Have fun and stay safe:-))!!!!

Enjoy Agnes. Wish I was packing for a trip at the minute! Green with envy.

Have a great trip, Agnes! :)

Hi Agnes: Looks like we're both traveling at this time. If I were a betting man, I'd lay odds that you are in a more exotic place than I am. It's always good to get away! See you soon! :)

Hi! Have you ever paid attention, have your writting skills gone any better so far?

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