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That's so wonderful that you are doing work you love! You look beautiful - no need to remove ten years. Take care :-)

Gorgeous red :) xxxx


I think red lipstick worn for special times is great ...at least for me. I rather like that shade of red on you and it definitely goes with your outfit. Have a wonderful day and stop and buy and smell the roses!

I think red lipstick is for you. :-)

@Linda: Just a regular bright red, I'll check the shade next time I am in my bathroom. The smokey eye is all about a good quality blending brush and two different shades of grey (dark on the eyelids, then a lighter contour line with all visible lines blended out).

Made me smile. Loved the post. I often wonder why ladies wear lipstick and men don't? Any ideas?
At least you got to see some of the stuff I have done over my life using Art, Drawing, Design, Writing and so on.

I think that the color looks wonderful on you. I'm not sure I could pull off something that red, but you do perfectly!

"slow down at dinner time" I hope that includes not checking your smartphone or better yet turning it off. Maybe people eat out so often today that spending time over dinner is no big deal. Very sad if that is the case.
Looks like everyone likes your lip color. Better than black which I'll never understand.

2012 started out for me with a great party in Larnaca, followed by an awesome week in Paris - my favourite city in Europe. Funnily enough, I've never made any resolutions this year as I hardly ever tend to keep them. I love your lipstick, it illuminates your face.

LOVE that color on you babe! What kind of freelance work do you do?

@Andi: Graphic design (logos, packaging, websites, photography, etc). Thanks for the compliment :-)

Yes! to the lipstick. Yes! to the sweater.

It's a beautiful picture, Agnes.

That's great you're getting so much work! Glad you popped in to give us an update. The red lipstick looks great on you, but I can't pull it off. Do agree with the concealer/blush thing though!

Love the whole look - I need tips from you :)....I suck at putting on make-up, except for eye-liner n mascara....Freelancing should be fun - does your client give you the freedom to experiment?

i love your NY resolution. i think appreciating the little things is essential to achieving contentment!
i didn't make any resolutions myself. i have a pretty bad track record for breaking them, and didn't want to jinx myself :)

Hi Agnes,
So far I am keeping up with New Year's resolutions, they're more a positive lifestyle choice for me so..I don't find it too difficult to keep up with them.

Agnes, you look absolutely gorgeous!
The red lipstick with your skin tone and hair colour is an excellent choice!

It's always good to see you Agnes
Wishing you a beautiful day xox

You look beautiful Agnes. Hope you get to have enough time to smell the roses. Sometimes it all goes by too fast.

I like the red lipstick on you. I just bought some conceilor but it doesn't work so well on me. Damn it.

I like the red! And you have killer eyebrows to go with the lips :) It's good to notice the small things. Good for you for taking the time to pay attention. Hope your week is full of small things x

Oh I hear you on the concealer, YSL touche eclat is my newest BFF. ;) Have a great week and may Friday come around quickly. I just live for the weekends now. ;)

I don't even own lipstick - sad, but true. The stuff drives my skin crazy. Definitely agree on the primer and concealer though - fabulous creations :) Have a great week!

A sweet post! It is always good to be busy...

Wow, red lipstick :). You have an awesome week too.

loving the red lipstick Agnes, hope you have a wonderful 2012!!!

Love the lipstick! Fresh and fun. Hope you're having a good work week.

@Robyn: Damn it! Are you using primer underneath it? I swear it makes a huge difference, it makes everything look so smooth!

@Sachi: It's all in the brushes (former art student here). And a good palette, like Urban Decay's "Naked". It's fool proof I swear.

enjoying the small simple things in the routine life and taking effort to do a little thing differently each day is the secret to keep oneself refreshed.. i like that resolution Agnes.. have a good week..

Good day Agnes!

Yeah,nice. Brings some color to my drab,demanding computer screen.:-)

I need to put a page on my blog that re-blogs your stuff, Agnes. Don't know why...but I love how simple your posts are. Wish I could do the same...but I get all preachy. Let me know if you're game...be good.

I don't think I've ever seen a bad photograph of you yet. And yes, although you may not be use to it, that red just pops. Looks lovely!

I'm glad you're stopping to smell the roses. I think we never do that enough, and it's so important. Life just sweeps on by otherwise.

Happy days, my dear friend.


I love the red on you Agnes. And teach me how to to the concealer-blush deal...I would so love to be able to hide away my freckles.

As for how is 2012 treating me? Resplendent, I believe. It gifted me with a lil baby boy. And just like that, the epicenter of my everything, changed course. :)

@Andy: There's a reblog button after each post, not sure if it works outside of typepad but sure go ahead :-)

@C: Wow you're a mommy now, congratulations :-))) I'll teach you about concealers I promise :-)

I have just spent quite a chunk of time reading through your blog. I can't really put in to words how much it has had an impact on me, but I have subscribed now anyway. When I first popped over a few days ago, I just saw some pretty pictures and a nice looking blog. But there's so much more to it than that. I am glad I spent the time reading all of your posts and I am looking forward to reading more. The thing that does make me laugh though, is you often say you need more clothes and yet in every photo you look stunning, like a model really. You should see my wardrobe... (actually maybe not, it's horrific!). Keep up the wonderful blogging.

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