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Beauty counter is a good choice over clothes ;) xxxx

Haha beauty products are the best anyway!

I vote for the white suit. I want to see you in it! Did you get blue eyeshadow? I hope you did. I want to see you in a white suit with blue eyeshadow.

What did you get????

Like they say, the clothes make a person, so turning up prim and propah is half the job done.

I'm with Nora. I want details!

I have a question? Are you on Pinterest? The reason I'm asking is because I'd love to see your style board.

@Heather: Fancy foundations, brushes, a compact and lipgloss.
What's Pinterest?

I have a rule about clothes: if I don't absolutely love it, I don't buy it. It's saved me a lot of money over the years and has given me tons of reusable options that get lots of wear (LOTS, usually until holes start forming).

@Francine: Same here. I only want to own/wear things I love. And who needs a big wardrobe -- since I love everything I own I am happy to wear them over and over... why else have clothes but to wear them?

Haha...makes sense.. I have a similar opinion about shopping for clothes... i'm very picky.

Cosmetics is as good a place as any for gift certificates, but I, too, love white suits and insist upon having one in my wardrobe. They dress up; they dress down. They turn heads.

My current one is linen. Life after sixty gets real casual, so when I wear it, I wear it with the sleeves on the jacket rolled a couple times and pushed up. Then a cami underneath. Then sandals: high for dress; low for laid back. For a presentation in the design/build business, I'd go low shoe casual; the business is casual with lots of walking around. We are a high end company; our renovations start at about fifty-sixty thousand. Dressing with style says style. Dressing well says we're successful at what we do and we don't come in cheap. While wearing a white suit and looking great may scare some potential clients away, those are the clients are probably the ones you didn't want wasting your time? They weren't committed to buying quality work.You'll know the right suit with the right feel for your profession and product when you see it Agnes. --You'd look fantastic in a white suit.

I'm glad you found something to use them on, at least!! I bet the elusive white suit pops up when you least expect it.

Well, with the over-priced cosmetics today ...sounds like you made the right decision.


The Beauty counter is still a good choice. Suits have become over-rated I think. Glad you're getting the work despite the lack of a suit :)

I would guess that what you got would make your momma proud and your poppa happy too. I love the way a woman can transform herself right before your eyes. That's one of the reasons, when I was a teacher I would tell a story about getting old and how things begin to change and crack them up. They were all seniors and we are going to have a 35th class reunion coming up. Those kids of mine are all grown up now and some have been married for up to 35 years.

hope you got good stuff!!

Beauty counter is my favorite. Creams and lotions and even imitation jewelry are a favorite :).

You will probably find a white suit when you least expect it and at a bargain price !!!

My first day back from traveling and I get notified of a new Agnes page! Awesome!

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I wore a suit. I have the venerable sport coat that travels around with me, but that's more to hide the coffee stains on my shirt when I'm meeting with clients.

Why is it that coffee always manages to spill on shirts and pants BEFORE meetings but never after? I'd blame Murphy but that would insinuate that I had a plan in place to NOT spill. To be honest, I'm still looking for a Camel-Back hydration system that will accept coffee instead of water.

Nice post!

Beauty or rather anti ageing products score over the white suits.

Interestingly, you blog had a Brooks Bros. ad--must be the suit thing. If you can't find the suit you like, you could always use it as an excuse to travel to Vietnam or Thailand and have one or a dozen made! But then, that's probably too many.

Not that you need any advice from random bloggers but just in case you didn't know - there is an online exchange for gift cards that you don't want to use. Of course, you don't get full value but that better than no value.

I can't imagine you need any beauty products from your picture !

Good luck with any 2012 travels, Agnes.

Hope you get what you really want next time!!

We were sisters seperated at birth! LOL....I have few clothes because I have to LOVE the piece and then when I do love a piece I wear it ALL THE TIME! The clothes and shoes I have are loved dearly and it's like building a new relationship with a new article of clothing...weird I know. But I understand your plight...and suits are so impersonal...I like to see personality! :)

Beauty enhancing accessories and clothes are a girl's next best friends after diamonds!:)

You've traveled through the most dangerous countries on earth. You once were protected by as many as seven bodyguards. You've driven all day through back country roads and then eaten dinner where you were the only Caucasian woman.

Your clothing is functional: jean jackets, boots, and aviator sunglasses. Your pictures are solemn.

It's clear you're a strong woman.

But lately your postings have changed. You've written about bright, red lipstick; about foundation makeup; about the beauty counter.

This is a new and much softer side. It becomes you, Agnes.

Personally I love white suits. Go white suit go!

ok, i'm confident that my wardrobe is smaller (& infinitely less interesting!) than yours, even, but it's for EXACTLY the same reason and thus i am (proudly!) inflexible on this point. what's more, not only do i have to LOVE everything... i have to love it ON ME... (as does lhj... who's the official "trouser checker" since he can see the--AHEM-- most crucial trouser angle so much better than i can) ...oh yeah, and it all has to be comfortable! so i'm probably not going to be invited to fashion week again this year. i shall try to overcome my grief! :)

(ps: so i'm guessing you're being hired just for your prodigious ♥TALENT♥ then! go figure, lol!!!!!!!) :) :) :)

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I love white suits!

Pinterest is AMAZING! All of my design/artistic friends love it. It's like making an inspiration board but it's virtual. I'll link you to mine so you can see what I mean. There are different categories and you can classify them the way you like. I have different categories like travel, art, style, food, etc.


Then later when you are looking for inspiration, or want to share your style you can share the links with your friends.

Merely wanna comment on few general things, The website style and design is perfect, the content is really superb : D.

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