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BRRRR! Hope you find a good place to curl up and stay warm!

For us up north it's about damn time! I just didn't realize we'd be sharing the cold with the south, as well. Whoops.

hahahaha that is COLD for Florida :)! Curl up and continue reading by the fire place :). Hugz!

We had a 13º reading this morning. I think it got up to 34º late this afternoon.I like your getup and the coffee but I got to be careful with anything with caffeine as it gives me A Fib.

What's going on in Florida? We're a bit warmer in the twenties BUT: I was looking out the window while talking on the phone this morning and a deer strolled by wearing a hat! I knew for sure I wasn't going anywhere if the wildlife thought they had to bundle up!

Tampa is 4 degrees? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!

Andy & Linda: It's 4 degrees Celsius. That's 39F. Which is very cold for us!!!! Sorry my weather app is in Celsius not Fahrenheit... I was educated in a metric world :-)

Oooo that's cold. I lived up north a few times ...blizzards, white-outs. The electric blanket sounds like a mighty good idea.

It's that cold here as well Agnes! I'm a delicate Southern flower and can't take much of the cold. Is it Spring yet? LOL

Think warm Agnes. Oh....is that book written by richard Brautigan? Not surprising that you like him...he writes in a similar casual style. And he is off beat enough to keep attention without getting to far out. His books are not easy to get these days! Ernie

Nothing beats a hot water bottle for me !!!

It ain't that cold ;)

There's nothing I don't like about this photo.
I like the amount of information that's in it
The processing is awesome.
And as usual.. you look fantastic!

Stay warm
and have a fantastic day!

Gary xox

p.s. we have the opposite at the moment,
we've just had a record breaking heat wave.
It's cooler now so.. it's all good !


"Food" for thought. Coconut Oil. Make that Extra Virgin. (And I highly recommend Nutiva.) I have a bit with my coffee each morning before my workout (endless health benefits) and within minutes of ingesting it, I'm flushed and almost too warm all over. It's a double bonus...warms me in winter and is a healthy fat for my body!

By the way: LOVE YOUR BLOG. :)

Have a good one.

well then, you may as well COME UP NORTH where at least it's supposed to be this cold! (not that we LIKE IT; surely there's a "caucus" for that in which we could vote??!) and actually, i b'lieve it's supposed to hit 50F (that's ummmmmmm... 9/10C? not sure what it is in "kelvin" lol) here over the weekend... but that might just be the weather channel trying to cheer us up... for which we thank them.

ps: no disrespect, but you are just SO VERY WRONG on the chapstick issue. :)
pss: surely a book where a WOOLY HAT falls from the sky would be of more use in this weather?
psss: pretty sure i'm gonna have "road to shambala" stuck in my head for the rest of the morning, thanks to your title. ah well. could be worse, for sure! ciao darling!!! ♥

You are all layered up I see. :)
How i wish it would get just below 15 degrees Celsius in my part of the world!
Ah well, Happy New Year!

4 degrees C, that ain't cold but then you're in Tampa... I have a meeting in Florida later this month and hope it's warmer by then.

@Lauren: Vaseline is way better than chapstick! Try it :-))) @Sage: It's warmer already :-)

love your layers Agnes :) good to know its warmer already :)

Gorgeous gal- Gorgeous girl:)! Luv it in here:)!!

That's a brilliant photo up there. Yup, 'tis the time to batten down the hatches, light the fire, and snuggle up with a good book, and lashings of hot chocolate (sigh).

My favorite conversations at work are when people start talking about how everyone's talking about the weather. I feel like I'm in some meta skit!

The season I like most - Winter.

Stay warm!

oops- delete the other.. didn't finish entering the info.....
photoshop is fun! looks like you're a pro at it..:-)

Ohhh 4 degrees that must be cold...try to be warm and take care

Maybe one day you will teach me how to create photos like yours :-) Back from Paris where we had a relatively mild weather, some drizzle and some sunny intervals! In Cyprus it's stormy! Looking forward to sunnier days!

I am allergic to cold! I think, I will just freeze in that temperature! Stay warm Agnes :)

I will be lucky if the temp drops to 20 degrees Celsius here, though I enjoyed chilly Bangalore last month. Stay warm and hot soups should make u feel warmer.

Hi Agnes, I agree completely about Vaseline. In Europe we are missing the cold weather! I have the habit of ordering Frappacino in the coldest weather - so I can completely sympathise.

Your blog is more and more attractive, artistic and awesome

Best Regards.

PS : and I wish you (and your readers) a happy new year <3

@Colours: Vaseline is the only lip treatment that works for me -- it's a great overnight treatment for skin too, locks moisture in without clogging pores or causing breakouts :-)

90% of statics are made up

Love the picture:-))!!!!

So whts the latest weather update;-D???

Agree about that.... should have got hot tea....

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