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I know you're a wonderful photographer, but these are really great, too!

What is that loveliness you're eating?

The way others see things is really interesting. And I liked the way you saw your being an assistant.
Cool pictures Agnes!! Hugs!

ya know I wasn't much of a coffee or sweets person till I moved to Germany...I LOVE german coffee...the pastries are amazing too! I'm going to be as fat as a cow when I leave here :P Love the pics! :)

Love the BW, very cool. If I ever make it down that way I want to photograph your coffee time too!

I love photography ...it helps me to express things that I otherwise could not.

I guess Ernie wouldn't have trusted you if you weren't one of the best. I love photography very much and I sometimes wish I had the time to learn more about taking great photos.

I don't think anyone would ever tire of your photo's and photographic skills Agnes. I don't.
And if they did.. there's still coffee and the moments that make up a day to enjoy.

I love the black and white photo's!

Gary xox

Isn't it awesome how we all look at the same things so differently when we get behind a lens. Love Ernie's photos.

These are beautiful photos! I love how he captured a tiny bit of your day. The black and white photos are lovely and inspiring.

I love B/W stuff....pretty cool :).

Readers and responders... I so agree with you all concerning what has been described about Agnes so often which I think is best summarized by a comment I had heard about Agnes; a rare quality of being.

I have photographed the great and the near great; the attractive and the unattractive; and while they exude a certain beauty all, none were as inviting to my camera, friendly to the eye and captivating as Agnes. She is generous with her praise but I think it was Christa Taylor who said "Modesty is the ancient secret of allure.” Ernie

I think Ernie must rock! Damn good writer judging from his comment. Cool...as usual. (I wonder if I'd look better in B/W?) Until next time...

Oh, I now want more coffee! Great photos, Ernie. It's always interesting to see things from another perspective.

@Ernie: You should get back in the biz.

Black and white is the best, the most dramatic photography. Ernie did a great job--but so did you with your tripod--or a brick wall or whatever you used to set the camera on. I often test out the balance (and drama) of my paintings by converting them to black and white. If the range of grays is full, I've got something there.

I love your photographs!

Off for my coffee now :)

Agnes you are a dolly if one ever existed. Beautiful girl. Wondrous ideas, designs, conceptions: a love of old belts, vests, shirts, skirts, jeans, boots and java. Life is a gamble. You gambled and won the mother lode. I love your photographs. You don't really know how much some of us admire you, your work, and your photography.

I seriously wish you and I could sit down somewhere fabulous and drink coffee and take pictures all day long :)

Happy New Year Agnes - hope it's a really good year for you. It's been fun catching up on your news via your blog - LOVE the red lipstick! :)

Really love these photographs!!! Beautiful:)!!

These photos are so stylish! Really gorgeous.

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