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We've got Panera up here in CT as well. I usually get half a tuna sandwich and the French onion soup. ugh LOVE IT.

Yes, Thank God it's Friday. We've got a Panera near here, but I've never eaten there--only stopped for coffee-- and to pick up some chocolate chip cookies or a cinnamon bun for Honey. I prefer baked onion soup to broccoli preferably with friends. You're lucky to have Lucky. Have a lovely weekend Agnes. Paint a sunset.

Panera, yum. Friends, even more yum!

We don't have a Panera but that photo definitely makes me want one!

Have an amazing weekend Agnes! :)

We have Panera here in California as well :)....that soup sounds yum, especially right now when I'm down with a cold! Enjoy your Friday as well as the weekend.....XOXO!

Friday is my favorite day of the week too, Agnes:)

Good friends are treasures!

I think there is this famous line in the movie Casablanca, "we'll always have Fridays at
Paneras.". Didn't Humphrey Bogart say that to Ingrid Bergman ? I think he met with Ingrid in Paris at the Panera's near the Eiffel Tower, you can correct me if I am wrong on this.
I'm with Andi, good friends are treasures and I am Lucky to have Agnes as a friend. That is why I have the name of Lucky.!

That is my resolution to get out again at least once a week. I am definitely feeling the toll by not oh my... nothing better then those simple moments with a dear friend, crazy laughter and breaking away for a moment...

Have a wonderful weekend darling xo

We don't have Paneras, but i totally get where your coming from. There are certain totally random places which are special to us because of the company we associate them with. :)
There are a few such place that i know of too here in Mumbai.

Glad you have the company of great friendships, they are invaluable. Enjoy your weekend.

Panera breads? One is not that far from where we live. Love their bagels.

I'm so happy you have "Lucky day"! And I love your outfit! Enjoy your weekend. Aubrey

we have Paneras in Missouri. They used to be called St. Louis Bread Company here, I wonder if there was Panera everywhere else and then the companies merged or it was bought by Panera.

Congrats, by the way, for beating your deadline :)

I've seen Panera in Quincy (IL). I love the place, especially their Greek salad and the lemonade. I won't start talking about their muffins and cakes or I will never stop ;) Have a great week Agnes.

Lucky has got it right.....but those who know Agnes also know that friendship with her is not a matter of luck but of character.

loving that outfit Agnes, very cool!

I think Good friends dont just happen to us.
We make it happen.
And Lucky's reply says it all:-)).

Friends, true one's, is all one needs to make this life a bliss.

I feel blessed to have a few good friends both online and offline. No Panera in Cyprus, yet our Greek salad is unique in the world as it consists of cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, spring onions, fresh coriander, parsley, olives, raw aubergine and feta cheese! :-)

what a great photo! is that a "lucky original"?! so cool you guys have a regular date! i find if i don't put my FRIENDS officially on "the schedule" i tend to forget to make time for social stuff... we get so stuck in a groove of habit sometimes (or i do!) which can be good OR bad! hope the weekend lived up to friday's promise, too! ♥

(ps: not sure about EVERY state, but yeah, panera's a national chain, i think on a franchise system. someday, i promise i will try something besides the fuji apple chicken salad, but that amazing apple cidery dressing is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and unlike anything anywhere else so i'm afraid i'm a bit HOOKED!)

Friday is definitely Lucky Day!! I wish I could hang out with my bestie every weekend too

Yes, we have Panera even up here in Michigan--good breads and soups, but I tend to avoid bread bowl soups. I like the outdoor portrait.

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