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loving the bracelets too! :)

Nails, jewelry....stylish, as usual but the most important of all...."earning" it with met deadlines and hard work well performed. Some think that you can up your morale with "things" but there's nothing like the feeling of gettting it all done, with quality on time. Nice work.

Oh what a wonderful feeling. I hope you enjoy every second of the down time.

Nice photo, Nice colors. Thanks for sharing.

We all love to beat deadlines!Sweet post

Enjoy the relaxation and those gift certificates!

Feeling like that myself. I finally accomplished something that was years in the making and my brain has basically left my body and is dancing in an alternate universe.

Deadlines and gift certificates - didn't think it about before but those certificates have deadlines the retailers hope you don't meet.

R & R ...who couldn't use some? Love the nails + the jewelry. Great job! Enjoy your rest.


Enjoy it. Love your bracelet. It's good to meet deadlines and feel that weight lift off your shoulders.

So glad you took some me-time! You deserve it!!!

Oh - enjoy your day off. They seem so rare and gosh, we all gotta take them when we can these days! Hope you have a relaxing time away from the usual routine. ;-)

My daughter has her nails almost the exact same colour at the moment! Very pretty :)

Oh, that's for sure! I'm sure you deserved it all. Love the nails!!

Enjoy your day off :).

There is nothing like a reward after so much all-consuming work. I love a day of bliss and spending (especially spending other people's money/gift vouchers)! I have a few that I haven't spent. Still wondering what I absolutely need and don't want. This Buy Nothing New makes you think hard about what one consumes. Good for the soul.

And love those nails (and your bangles!)


Your nails look lovely! I've made an appointment for a mani/pedi soon and I've been thinking about the color choices. I think I am going to have to go with silver now. Your bracelet is beautiful and it sounds like your break is much deserved.

Yay Agnes! I hope your next post deals with the relaxing wonders of this day off! Enjoy :)

Enjoy! Get plenty of rest and restoration ... Looking forward to seeing you back again. :)

I love your profile pic :) and the nails look great btw!

Gift certificates waiting . . .


Loving the silver nails myself! :) And THAT fabric! I am ready for vacation...3 more months!

I'm loving the silver nails, too!

@Lisleman: Gift cards have expiration dates?! I never even noticed!

Well deserved! Enjoy yourself, Agnes :)

Gorgeous picture!!!!

speaking of "MIA"... you've been on a blogging ROLL over here... how did i MISS IT??!?! ack! i have to start doing the RSS thing to keep me "in the loop"! seriously diggin' the silver nails & red lipstick (& ernie's photos, which don't show either, but have a gritty b&w "je ne sais quoi" all their own! what a pin up girl you are! :) :) :)

I'm playing with nail paints these days too!! Woopie!

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