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Enjoy the time you have at home Agnes, the travel bug will be back in force ;) lol

I think travel's like most things. There are times to travel and times to not! As long as we know which is which I think we're good :)

I whittled makeup down to foundation and mascara. I just don't even bother with the rest. And I haven't painted my fingernails in over a year. I'm getting less feminine in my "old "age" :)

It's never permanent - it will come back when it's time :)

I think the loss of your travel bug is permanent. Until it isn't anymore, then it won't be. Until then it is. I am glad you are busy. That is also permanent. Until you know when.

Once a traveller, always a traveller !! Finland here I come in July !!

Yeah does happen! I see it this way, the travel bug is on a break and will return with full vengeance soon, so make the most of the little time that you have at hand right now.

I'm sure you know best, but I never use a brush to apply foundation. I use my fingers. I've often lost the travel bug and felt that there's no place like home. But you're right, it's never permanent!

@Anastasia: I love applying foundation with
my fingers. The only one that goes on flawlessly with just using my fingers is Cinique, it's a beautiful product but alas not long lasting (only stays on a few hours) so I need alternatives. What brand do you use??

Have you tried Chanel Lumiere? It lasts much longer than Clinique.

@me: Yes it's a great foundation but in my humble opinion it definitely requires a foundation brush. You're right it does last all day and gives a beautiful flawless finish and glow. Teint Innocence is hands down my favorite formula by Chanel, the coverage is amazing, it looks 100% natural, goes on perfectly without a brush and it's got sun screen which is nice. And it lasts all day.

I do love Clinique's Even Better and Perfectly Real formulas, I only wish they were longer lasting.

I recently heard that make up artists love Maybelline's FitMe (can't beat the price!) and I have to say it works very well (but again, can't get a flawless finish without using a brush).

After an exhausting trip my travel bug will disappear, but then after a couple of weeks at home it comes back in full force. I agree with what someone said above me, once a traveler always a traveler!

i was going to say that i think the desire to stay home right now has to do with the fact that it's *WINTER* and we all have a sort of residual "cave dweller" who thinks it's time to hibernate, eat delicious mammoth jerky and draw some nice stick figures on the wall! but you're in FL where it's warm and toasty and sort of seasonless so i'm thinking it's just a phase! :) :) :)

I am the opposite right now. All I want to do is travel! I have several small trips planned between now and May. Nothing international, but I'm tired of staying home.

Hi Agnes, Nice to see your beautiful face and engaging prose again. Sometimes, we can get so buried under chores and work obligations.

I don't have much of a travel bug these days, but I think in a few more years it'll be back. That said, my family and I are avid road trippers and think nothing of loading up the minivan and heading off for a 500-700 km drive to visit my crazy relatives.

Re: foundation. I haven't used it much. I use a tinted moisturizer though and it works like a charm.

I hope you will be able to quit smoking. Nicotine is more difficult to break than heroine. It ruined my life and it is why I am on oxygen 24/7.

@Abraham: Sorry to hear about the oxygen. And I know you're right, though I wouldn't know about heroin. I smoke on and off, mainly off. I start then I quit (for some reason I never found it hard to quit). I have smoking spells when I really enjoy cigarettes with my coffee... but you're right, of course it's a nasty habit.

I can't say that I've ever lost the travel bug. As soon as one trip is over, I start planning the next. Work really gets in the way of travelling though doesn't it?

After my horrendous move here I thought I'd lost my travel bug for good...but alas I'm off to Poland and Ireland in the spring! :) I'm going to check out your foundation...I'm 35 yrs old and still can't find my color! In the summer I tan so well I don't need it, but I'm continually moving north to colder, sunless parts of the world where I must resort to coloring my face. ugh.

The last time I travelled abroad was more than 2 years ago...but I'd like to travel again one day when life will permit me :)

Sometimes during travel yes, it is sure I want to stay at a city/town for longer time but many times I don't because I am unable to have home made food for longer time and for that I have to visit home.
I love home made food and that is what I miss during traveling days.

Nope- I think you have a Gypsy soul and besides the stories and photos are fabulously entertaining ;)

Sorry I've been so quiet - same excuse! So much going on...

I've recently discovered Benefit make-up which has a base and foundation that I love. But the cold of Swansea is making my cheeks red and my lips chapped. I am a desert girl, I have *no* idea how to protect my skin from the cold!

Loss of travel bug - it happens to me - never lasts. Maybe one day it will.

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