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Getting the tree tomorrow. Decorations over the next couple of weeks.

I just can't get into it. Not sure why. Maybe because it's actually been creepily warm up here lately. I don't know. I'm trying.

No trees this year. We're spending Christmas with my in-laws in the US. Hoping for some snow ...

I'm behind, too. Hoped to get to it this week - now I'm hoping for next week! Sigh.

Just putting up the decorations this week! I LOVE your tights!!!

As a matter of fact ...I got all of my Christmas decorating done before Thanksgiving ...something I've never done before ...I prefer to keep my holidays separated. This year though, I had a bunch of company coming to my house for Thanksgiving and afterwards. I knew I wouldn't have time to get it done the weekend after Thanksgiving ...my customary thimetable. Also ...I wanted my 2 young grandsons to celebrate just a wee bit of Christmas together since we won't all be together this year. It seemed a bit strange at first, then I rather liked the decorations up.

It will be my first ever Christmas tree... So still trying to figure out how to go about it... - all in the excure of having my young nephew visit.

My Christmas tree is up. I was in a funk so I let the kids decorate it their way. There are so many ornaments on the bottom branches that it's a little wobbly. I should probably fix that! LOL

I love your tights too. Jordan has a pair of red ones that are similar. Today she wore glittery candy cane tights. She loves those!

Yeah and I posted a picture of it
But Christmas in FL is all about wrapping palm trees in strings of light. Are there any FL related Holiday songs? Like coconuts instead of chestnuts.

Agnes, you look lovely in the tartan skirt.
It's a nice shot !

The weather here in Australia is the opposite to what you're having.
We've just moved into summer and Christmas for us is long hot summer days,long warm nights, BBQ's and the beach.
I love this time of year.

On the weekend I went out into the bush to hunt around for some old gum tree branches and sticks
for a Christmas tree that I plan on making. I'm also thinking about just putting a few short logs together to make something that might look like.. reindeer and a spiny anteater.
Haha it probably sounds crazy but..I'm hoping it will look good.
If it works out I’ll take some photo’s and share.

Have a lovely weekend Agnes!

And you're wearing a darling Christmassy skirt to boot! Yup - my trees are up and we're SO into Christmas. Happy December Agnes!

Love the picture!
December happens to my fav month of the year :)

And you are tagged!

Wish you are Merry Christmas!

I am decidedly on the unChristmassy side of things but what's new - I am always slow out of the blocks no matter what time of year it is !!

Very frosty this morning in England !

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Love the picture....look forward to the Christmas lights in the homes and shops here...celebrate the festival as it helps drives the blues away for a short while at the very least. Have a good weekend.
As for your question regarding Kasab...it was written based on the high court confirmation of Kasab's death sentence which has been stayed by the Supreme court....Indian justice system at work aiding terrorists to waste tax payers and victims money while the poor languish for years in jail as under-trails for petty crimes.

No tree for me! Just as well, since I'm going home to Canada this year for the first time in ages, and we'll have a big tree there.

I must confess that your outfit reminds me of Gordon, Ohio school days, when I was a little boy and had to walk about a mile to and from the country school. The girls would, sometimes, wear long underwear under their white cotton hose and something they came down when the girls would reach up high to write something on the blackboard. lol We all wore long underwear in those days and my first glance reminded me of those days. I don't know if what you have on are hose or like trousers? I don't know much as I am too old at 77 to learn much.

Anyway, I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing you. I think you are an outstanding example of what I was looking for about 60 years ago when I found her in my Patty. Great post.

If you look at my profile you should see a link there to Gordon, Ohio which I am working on again. I can't seem to get it right. I am presently putting in photos of every house in the hamlet. I haven't got very far yet but will work on it. Hope you can leave a comment there so I know you looked.

Nope, no decorations, come make me! :P

Christmas will come, my family repair more christmas decoration. Happy Christmas Day!

U look lovely Agnes.....almost like a school girl;-)

The kids gave us no peace and so yes the tree was up by afternoon.

I made myself wait until it was officially December before letting loose the Chrismassy spirit! It didn't feel right earlier in the year but now - it's perfect. ;)

Very nice picture! Just the tyime to get the Christmas trees!

No tree, but I do have the stockings up (including one for my dog because it just wouldn't have been fair to leave him out!).
That skirts is awesomesauce by the way :-)

Despite our blue skies and sunny days - nights are truly chilly- I finally put up my Christmas trees and decorated my school and my flat over the weekend and spent Sunday night roasting chestnuts over a glowing fire by the Christmas tree.

We're expecting snow this week! And I got lost yesterday trying to find this little tree farm...I did find a tree farm, although not the one I was looking for. :) So yesterday we spent the day putting up our christmas tree and ornaments, while listening to Kenny G. :)

Winter I like the most but never been to location where there is snowfall. Maybe next year.

We got out tree up when Caitlin was home for Thanksgiving, even went to the Xmas tree farm and got it ourselves. But we have fallen off the decorating wagon since then. Now it's all about getting packages ready to send to my niece and nephews, sisters, daughters, etc. I am getting ready for an exhibition in January so I am completely preoccupied with it instead of Xmas stuff this year. Remind me not to have a show in January again!

Definitely going for logs in the fireplace and decadently sweet hot drinks, this year. Maybe I'll make cookies too.

Stay warm and Happy Festival Greetings to you, Agnes :)

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