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hmmm...nice reading you again....Dear Agnes !

Love the muffler. Cool breezes? Poor baby. Out my window there are white flakes flying around. I'm hoping there's a giant bird with dandruff flying over the house.

I envy you your non-muggy days. It has been muggy for over 3 weeks here and I am about to lose my mind. BTW I love candid posts but I am not sure i always know how to write them :)

It's that time of year isn't it? Somehow things get out of control as Xmas looms. Must be all those deadlines!

Blogging, I remember when I used to have time for that...

I like the candle wax,
your photo and ... reading your blogs.

Happy 11/11/11 x

It's a good thing when life takes priority over blogging! And you for sure have to enjoy the good weather when you have it!

always a pleasure to visit your blog Agnes :) wishing a wonderful weekend. xMiriam

Beautiful photo Agnes! I especially love your scarf. It looks so incredibly toasty.

Great photo. As sparse as your words may be your photo speaks volumes. And your mire elaborate communications are well worth waiting for. I AM a Fan. 

I hear you. I've had a hard time fitting in blogging, too. Please send some nice weather this way!

Hasta Pronto! :D :D

Your blonde hair is on fire. It's lit by the sun.

Your eyes are lit from the inside. By your intelligence.

Your determination shows in your face.


It's a beautiful picture, Agnes. It tells us all about you.

Love the play of light and the room setting in the photo. Blogging is fun when you have something to let out, else becomes a chore done to please the readers.

Hi Agnes! Finally got internet on today so I'm back to reading blogs! :) I love dressing up for fall weather :)

Ahhh - best weather ever! Makes for fun wardrobe choices :) You look fabulous as always Agnes :)

Same here or almost. No rattly leaves, we still enjoy warm days and rather chilly nights. I can't wait to make a fire, though! Hope you get a good rest at the weekend! And , by the way, 11/11/11 is the next date after 10/10/10 that I'll never confuse with the American way of writing dates! Looking forward to 12/12/12. :-)

That weather is perfection, so dreamy & easy to enjoy. I love how weather can completely change your mind, right now, going head first into Summer in Australia, i live in the only inland capital city (no beaches, sigh) & it's that dry smack-in-your-face heat but totally different to snowy winter. Love the contrast & how the children are on their bikes non stop. Love Posie

The candle wax is getting a little long. You still take a nice portrait. I assume you have an assistant taking your pictures? Or, perhaps, you use a time exposure.

We are having high winds here and it is close to winter.

I love the crisp weather and the nippiness of the fresh sea air that travels inland toward where I live. It reminds me of the time my family lived on Staten Island, NY (loved that place with my magnificent views of Manhattan, across the bay), and the air was clean and salty.

What kind of work do you do with non-profits? Are you a philanthropist as well? I would love to hear more about this. Drop me a line to my gmail account anytime. Cheers and safe travels.



P.S. I hardly ever get out anymore so hearing about your adventures always brings a wistful smile to my face. :D

A lovely picture to start a new day:)! Have a very nice week n enjoy the pleasant weather!

True! There is really so much in life to love...... Have a nice day Agnes :)

such wonderful spirit and love of life is so good to read..

keep inspiring...

November 10th... it's my birthday. Lovely photo of you Agnes. When is your birthday?

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