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Looks like a great start! Have a beautiful November's Eve day!

I see you got your hit of coffee at Starbucks. I love that stuff. But I drank too much of it and it gave me AFib and I went to the hospital to get it back in rhythm. A Fibrillation (spelling). I was also drinking "green tea" at the time and my wife thinks that put me over the edge.

I do think, however, there is nothing that I like to taste more than a great cup of coffee. And some brands and brews are a whole lot better than others. lol

I do like your comic book color dot style on the photos. I like the lipstick one the best.

And a good morning to you!

Love it when I find that long sought after book. It is like all my birthdays coming together. Enjoy...while sipping your coffee of course.

Well u know I had to Google this book..omg, Amazon says its 'a must read for anyone interested in India'... and I read a few excerpts and it looks very interesting!. I bet you are in heaven reading it.. :-)

hmm...good books with November...awesome...take care !

Nothing like coffee and a good book to start the day!

Well... at least we had the coffee in common. I love a Monday like that.

A new book to read - that's always exciting. Hope you had a great Monday. Enjoy Halloween.

Hi Agnes
One of the books in your photo.. "It's here now (Are You?) looks like my kinda book. I'll pick up a copy and give it a read.
Agnes.. your photo's and your processing always make me smile and stop and think.
They're beautiful
As I hope your Halloween and November is!

Gary x

happy belated morn Agnes! love this post and nothing like a good book coming in the mail.

Lovely and what better way to start a day than by getting a book one has been eagerly seeking :).

Goooood Morning Agnes!! A great book and a warm cup of coffee, no better way to start a day!! Happy Halloween, Enjoy :)

The first day of November almost over here on my side of the world :) Is there anything better than the gift of a longed for book? Not much I suspect :)

Look at you gorgeous lady, it's November now, kapow, the year is disappearing. What a great find with the book, nice to know people are looking out for you, love Posie

Oh... I just love "Freedom at midnight" whether it is real history or not...

Enjoy your novels !!

Haha I loved this post, we lead such similar lives!

Looks like a great Monday morning! If such a thing can be said...

Happy November to you Agnes! Nothing like a good book to start the month :)

I'm not looking forward to the cold of winter here in England.

Hope you are well.

Your post reminds me that I must make time to get down to reading more books weekly. But ..work comes first! Happy November!!! Have you ever tried Greek coffee?

neat effects with the photos!

Morning Morning. Have a nice week.

Love your picture in the car!!! Refreshing!

Its a lovely book! Happy Reading... Your blog is a nice one!

I loved this! The pictures are so cool!

I'm reading this almost a week later... So, a Happy Monday To Be to you!! *tee-hee*!!!

Hope your Halloween was good and spooky! This Monday has been a loooong one (good, just long)! :)

Happy Halloween Agnes.

Nice pics:-)!!!!

Sounds like the perfect start to your day! Happy reading gorgeous girl! X

I LOVE this! Such a fun post that really does capture the essence of a monday morning.

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