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Photo shoots do mean a long day. Picture perfect doesn't happen in a flash as you well know.
Do have your coffee.

Have a great time doing the shoot! Do it as you know best and it will turn out fantastic.

October, my favorite time of the year! Cooler days and cool nights. Good luck on the photo shoot! I'm sure you've been told you have a gift and talent for being behind the camera! A good path for you!

Ah yes, how I do agree ...the cool, crisp air of October has decended upon us with much anticipation. Enjoy your day!

Jan @ BellaCasa

I love Octobers... hope you know why by now :-) For the zillionth time, you look gorgeous :)

Happy October, gorgeous!

I didn't sleep well last night either!!! Best wishes with the shoot!

As usual, you look incredibly beautiful!

I think you should someday meet my son. He also lives in Florida. He shoots pictures. Lots and lots of models and ad agency stuff. He has a studio and gets lots of help on shoots from his girlfriend who is originally from Columbia. I was able to find several videos of him either at work in his studio or on set somewhere. You can try this one. I looked at it and it contains several different models he shot in his studio.


I didn't fall asleep until 4 AM last night so seems to be a common problem. I hope your photo shoot went well and you get a great night's sleep tonight. Take care :)

Still warm and sunny over here - it looks as if autumn has forgotten us. At least we get pleasantly cooler nights.

Hi Agnes,
How did your photo shoot go? All good I hope
Agnes, a friend is doing a Halloween Guestbook signing event
where people who have blogs just visit some other people who have blogs and just leave something to do with Halloween, a photo or image or drawing that's scary
And then some other people visit your blog and do the same to you..
I just want you to know that you're very welcome to join in if you like
I understand if you don't have the time or just aren't into that sort of stuff
See how you feel?

And.. have a lovely day Agnes

Gary xox

I love the contrast in this photo with you in autumn wear by the refreshing summer pool. As always, you look perfect!

Sounds like a plan. Nothing like October breezes to make a morning more pleasant. Hope you have a good book to lose yourself in! Have a wonderful evening Agnes.

I wish I had your sense of style and I love all your boots. Hope you got some sleep.

ha! i think we had THE SAME morning. and mine kinda had a domino effect on the whole day... so my "no plans tonight" is now "work realllllllllly late with tv on in the background"!!! (on the plus side, i can wear pajamas, which is not possible in all realms of endeavor!) :)

nice blue background friend

Stunning. Gorgeous. And I hope you catch up on the sleep soon. xx

Enjoy the cooler autumn days - and full, deep sleeps to refresh and restore. :)

Wish you a beautiful long day ahead and a very sweet and cosy night to follow :):)

..Hello Mrs Agnes!! What's going on..there.!.?.
Autumn leaves have already start to fall??..

U didnt sleep and look so fresh and sooo casually elegant:-))!!!!

The reviews for iphone4S is not tht great huh!!

This photo of you is absolutely stunning! Perfect outfit for fall as well. You always look stunning though darling xoxo lots of love to you.

Hope your having a wonderful weekend and Happy Haloween!

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