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Well, I'll be damned!!! Excuse the pro-words but I once upon a time worked in R&D and did finished illustrations of products our company wanted to make for the government. Everything from rescue beacons to thermal printing, photochromics (that darken when atomic bombs start to explode), and while we won some contracts it was the work on the end product before it was even made that was exciting to me. Lunar shelters for astronauts stranded on the moon — two chemicals mixed by breaking the tube that held them — started the reaction.

Very exciting Agnes! Will we be able to see the finished product when you are done?

Is that a pink lap top? I love it! Love the design you created as well. The weather seemed to keep a lot of us Floridians in this weekend. Take care :)

How exciting! You'll have to show us the finished product!!!

Your style never ceases to amaze me. It translates to so many facets. Clothing, photography, illustration, make up. I am sure you, the person, has the same aesthetic.

My WORD Agnes! You are talented beyond imagination!

hmmm...wish you good luck !

I imagine it would be very exciting
to be hired to create from inspiration
from within.
It's a pretty colour.
+ gorgeous photo Agnes x

Wicked! Hope it went well. Having no spacial sense whatsoever, I'm in awe of how you can make pretty designs for fold-able items. I salute you! What was your final coffee count for the project?

It's coming up so well Agnes :) Is this something new you're trying?? You seem so much like a natural :) Good luck girl!

I think you need a refill.

Second on the "pink laptop". Or is that just some more of your graphic wizardry?

Having worked in graphic design decades ago, your computer program got my attention. The work is still hard I know, but facilitated by clicking and dragging versus re-draws. Looks like fun to me, if not to you.

@Michelle & @BillFriday: Does it look pink? A reflection maybe? It's just plain white really.

That is definitely exciting stuff! You are very talented!!! ;-)

That looks so pretty. I immediately recognised what it was. Have seen too many carton designs for pharmaceuticals in my line of work not to. But ours are not quite as pretty.

I need you to go ahead and upgrade your computer. :P

Very exciting! I'm sure it'll be fabulous!

Best wishes. And white laptop is personal favorite.

nice work i can see.. nice colors.. all the best with getting the best result

looks complicated and creative :) hope you met your deadline and then got some sleep.

Congratulations and good luck on that new work...

That looks intriguing and like a lot of work! I do hope we get to see the final result.

I went cloths shopping yesterday and was trying to think about what kind of look I wanted to go for and how I could get a set of a few clothes that would mix and match. I was thinking about people who carry this off flawlessly and you came to mind. So my new brown boots are completely and utterly your fault. ;)

Wow! Looks very creative and exciting! Good luck with it, am sure you are gonna do an excellent job with it :)

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a Mac and lots of Starbucks! :-)

Super fun, lipstick box is it?? With your style, it will look amazing, love Posie

Now I see why cosmetics are so expensive! Great job, Agnes! I'd love to see the ...final product!

Cooool Agnes, it must be so exciting to create something, wishing u the best!!!!

God I love to hate my deadlines! Just got unpacked from a bruising two week trip, fell on the bed without even warning the poor dogs, only to be called and reminded about two deadlines in the morning. So, in an effort to express my unique you're-not-the-boss-of-me procrastination, I choose to instead drag out the work until the very last minute of the very last hour. It drives my agent crazy and that alone is worth the effort.

I'm sure your design will blow all previous such designs outta the water! Knock 'em dead. Have fun. (Get some sleep too tho!)

So glad you explained the shape! I would never have guessed..though once I knew what it was, it was really obvious!

How exciting Agnes - all the best with the design work :)

I LOVE that image. I am slightly jealous about the beautiful work space you have. I am sure it keeps you inspired.

Were you ever an iMac girl? Is anyone anymore? Am always drawn to the lovely great big size of the desktop but always end up with laptops for practicality...
Ditto the comment about your work area.. you can see why the Dahl estate are asking for millions to preserve Roald Dahl's writing hut... the place where magic happens is always inspiring :)

Verrrrrrrrry exciting stuff & even the "rough" stage looks amazingly polished and FABULOUS to me!!! I'm already tempted to buy one and I don't even know what it *IS* yet!!! (cause yeah you're that good!!!). :)

The shapes and fonts are visually pleasing; the colors will catch attention withou being jarring. Nice work!

Clever girl! I've had a few late nights with publishing deadlines too. It's that time of year, so it seems! The product looks like a sweet box of confetti!


Super fun, lipstick box is it?? With your style,

@Sylvia: I am smiling from ear to ear :-)

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