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Good luck! I have no doubt you'll do great! (I love those boots!)

What a fabulous outfit in you photo! No pressure on the client you are doing the photo shoot for, right? I wish you the best and hope that you will share photos. So who is wearing the hats in the shoot ...you or client? Please have fun and do share.

Jan @ BellaCasa

I have no doubt you will great and your client will be very pleased, but good luck anyway!

Have to agree w/the above! Love those boots too... Luck? naw, u will ace it!

hmm....good luck.

Love the whole outfit,but the earrings grabbed my attention. I do hope they are light weight. The dazzlers I used to wear elongated my earlobe and the hole. Alert. Alert. You'll do great; you've got the knack and the panache.

You are totally going to rock it!!!

Being a ...shoe addict, I love your boots! Best of luck!

You already have your style that is totally unique and hopefully this gentleman saw that, still sees it, and expects you to make your photos the way you make them. It is almost surreal in the realm of fantasy. You go get it.

Best of luck always xx Love your outfit.

Wishing you luck!!!! I am sure the photos will be beautiful. A true artist.

Yes!..pretty feet like smart boots..So,run to the photos...

As always..you look lovely!
+ Good luck with the shoot Agnes x

You are so very stylish that I have a hard time believing he'll dislike anything you do! Are we going to see the photos? I hope so!!!


hahaha! Good luck Agnes! You'll do great.
PS - Everytime I come to your blog I smile. Thanks for that :)

Your caption caught my attention, Agnes:


It fits you. No, not THAT definition. THIS one:

"Not artificial; natural; uncontrived [as in] artless beauty; artless charm."

The gentleman's lucky you're his photographer.

all the best Agnes..

nice photo here

Good luck Agnes! I am sure you will do a great job with your innate style.

Good Luck, I love the ensemble and the boots....wish I had the figure to pull it off, not in this lifetime anyway. We all have different talents, that's what makes us unique. :)

Hope it goes/went well !

Best of luck! What an amazing opportunity, I'm sure you will do a fantastic job :-)
And your boots are killer by the way!

I like your boots! I just got a new pair only their flats this time....I nearly can't do heels anymore...I guess I'm getting old, I'm going for comfort rather than style it seems these days :P Although I did buy a pair of skinny pants!! And I practically live in them..they look so good in my new boots. Beautiful photo BTW!!! Good luck on your photoshoot! :) I love it when I get to pick out the clothes, hat, ect for a photoshoot...it's like a canvas and I want to pick out the scenery, colors, and the mood! :)

This is so right for you! Your photos you give us a glimpse of are great! Natural! You can tell you enjoy being behind the camera! Like I said, this is so right for you!

How was it? any way we can get a sneak peak?

dearest darling... who could resist ♥YOU♥??!?!?! face it, the guy doesn't stand a chance!!! :) :) :)

wow! another wow! good luck agnes!

Luck! (But I bet you'll be amazing!)

I guess I am already late in wishing you luck but I am pretty sure it must have been a great one!!!

How did the photoshoot go....I'm sure he took one look at u and changed his mind;-o.

He must have automatically reached for his camera;-D

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