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Not long ago, I used to be a coffee addict. I used to have 6-7 cups of filter coffee every day. When I decided to cut down on smoking, I also cut down on coffees. That was about a year ago. Now my day starts with two mugs of green tea and I only have an espresso or two during the day.

I absolutely love the smell and taste of coffee but I cannot drink it too often because I get a serious caffeine high.

Explain what it is I am looking at, ok? I know it makes yummy coffee, but I am not familiar with that machine/contraption.

@Marty: It's a good old fashioned stovetop espresso maker :-)

Once a coffee lover, always a coffee lover :)

That is the only way I can start my day ;) Thanks so much for not giving up on me while I was in Yoga boot camp - it truly was what I imagine boot camp to be like!!! Thanks so much for the Melatonin tip. I will definitely give it a try. Hope all is well. Take care :)

That picture is worth a thousand (okay... two) cups of coffee. THANK YOU!!!

Ah, the only way to start a day!!

Truly the best kind of coffee! xx

That is absolutely how you start a day off right!!!! Guess where I'm writing this comment from? Starbucks! ;-)

My husband has that espresso maker like that. Obviously we all have exquisite taste. Hope there was a muffin or something to go with it or else you're still stuck to the ceiling. :)

I'm so glad you told Marty what that was; I didn't have a clue. But coffee first thing absolutely--and not decaf. I got a serious caffeine high too, but after a few weeks of looks like, tastes like, but does have of kick of I compromised: half and half--unless it's capaccino, then caffeine all the way.

I don't drink coffee but that set up looks pretty fantastic, love Posie

mmmm coffee....

It's a beautiful image
I can almost taste the aroma of coffee.
+ my cat told me to tell you that he's
missed seeing your blogs and that
he's very happy that your blogging again x

I'm a tea and diet coke caffeine girl but
The smell of coffee is heavenly .........
Glad to see you back!

I start my day with fruit followed by a steaming mug of coffee. I must have coffee in the morning, and tea is for the evenings :).

hmmm....I am so glad to see you...it is morning here so seeing your post is a good start for me...

Take Care.

hmmm... didn't realize how much alike we dress! :) You make a hot mess look good. hahaha I love all your photos....normally it would get on my nerves that someone would post so many pics of themselves, but you...I love....I see your personality in the photos and that's a good thing, so keep posting :) Now may I come do a photoshoot? ;)

@Aubrey: Only if I can post the resulting photos :-)

ahh.. coffee..
mu hubby's ultimate fav..

Loved this picture and a device not seen before...coffee...you make me thirsty for it already.

mmmmmmm... i'll be right over... with croissants! :) :) :)

a nice image. reminds me of the little stovetop coffeemakers greeks use, called brikis. i think you can find them all over the middle east.

ah amen to this Agnes!!!!! No better way!!!

A very good start to any morning! ;-)

Nothing better than a warm cup for a beautiful day ahead!

..gave a stoppin'travels.?. Tomorrow is your posting day...

Agreed 100%!! And I'm so glad to see you blogging again, Agnes - I get so excited when a new post of yours pops up in my reader. :-)

do you possess Starbucks actions lol ?
PS : I love reading your blog, especially when there are pictures of you

Yes, it's a good way to start your day, Agnes.

Are you willing to tell us about your good dreams from the night before?

I love coffee but I never tasted black coffee.


Exactly how I start my day too. Whole bean, a lil sugar and some milk. These stove top espresso "machines" make it nice & strong. I am a fan now of Peets Coffee. Have u tried them? Anyhow, these stove tops dont make the crema which I miss fro ma real espresso machine. Sometimes if I am desperate I will pour the first bit of percolating espresso as its the thickest into a cup with a bit of sugar and beat it and pour that back in to my espresso. Its like a faux crema :) I know, stupid. WTF. crema > sex? love > crema thats for sure.

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