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I love your style!!!

If I had your legs I'd ALWAYS wear shorts haha!

keep going girl.. love your big earings in all these pics...

@Andi: My legs are short and chubby. I just don't care.

I don't know about being pointless. I envy the impression the pictures give. Just a slow day of walking and meandering at your own speed and direction. Especially the picture with the bar stools. I understand about the rain! While we needed it, I'm ready for it to stop! No electricity is no fun!

Just glad you are engaging Agnes. Shorts are looking good. Take care!

Who says its pointless?? I love your style and the BAG in the last photo!!

Great style. So lucky you're having rain. We need some desperately.

When it makes me smile, it's not pointless! Thanks for the smile :)

It's not a pointless blog at all Agnes,
as always you look absolutely gorgeous!
I love the processing as well

Agnes.. do you do your own portraits?

I'm hoping you have a fantastic day/night?!

Gary xox

@Gary: Not all of them. But these I took myself. Often times I just use the built-in webcam.

Your blog is so fun and retro looking !! Love the " shorts look".

At least you tried :) Look gorgeous as ever!

I love the look & such a great idea, as there is truly nothing worse than wet trousers leg bottoms stuck to your shins!! My daughters now read your blog, they LOVE your style, so consider yourself inspiring, even when you might think it's terribly ordinary. Love Posie

Who is taking your pictures?

A circle doesn't have a point either, and we all need circles!

Glad to see The Little Prince listed in Profile as one of your favourite books !

Wow Agnes ... is there ANYTHING you don't look great in? Honestly and truly: you are the most classy, beautiful blogger I've seen! have a great weekend.

Long time reader... your legs are Gods gift to this world! Well, really you are. Agnes, have you ever been to L.A.? Downtown is changing at a fast pace. Many of the old buildings in downtown are being converted to lofts or restored. Last night was the monthly Art Walk and it was full of life. Many of the old historic buildings not yet renovated are being used to house galleries, so walking through old 25 story buildings built at the turn of the century (like 1906) look stunning inside and well kept. ive heard valuables are kept in LA's old subway tunnels, which used to be a bigger and better than NYC (hard to believe). Hey, I hope its not too soon to mention but... one day I hope to read you will have a child. It will be beautiful and loved. That I know! Life is about metamorphosis you know. My mom passed a couple years back and its funny how so many things remind me of her, as if she is coming back to say hi to me over and over. Im sure you know what Im talking about. Take care Agnes, Im laying under the stars with you. :) Dave

Some gorgeous pictures and like the way the pieces of clothing give a structured, pleasing look...Take care...the sunlight following the rains brings a rainbow along every single time.

Not pointless! Love the combinations!

Beautiful pictures, Agnes :)... as always.

Rain's been here too... it's a sunny Saturday today, maybe it has finally passed...

Here's hoping a sunny Saturday for you too :)

Agnes! I love the shorts!!! And awesome pics:) Stylish girl YOU:) Such a fun post. NO NOT POINTLESS:)

Hah, it's fashion tips for Wales. Very useful (although I think my neighbours might die of shock).

Hi Agnes! I will check ur blog in detail. First impressions are ummmm! that you are very good looking. Mostly i say that about person's blog rather than themselves. But you really are, All praises TO GOD.

you def have got a style. Going to stalk you too :)

I do love your fashion photography--and shorts--yours and mine. My favorite garb rain or shine. Unfortunately, your temps are going to climb; mine are going to fall. The good news is I can give up shaving daily; you're stuck with that tedious task.

Agnes, I know exactly what you mean. Nothing more annoying than the bottom of your pants soaked. Then the shoes get soaked, then your socks, then it's over!

Gorgeous shorts! :) Stay dry!

Short and sweet! Great combination there :)

I love all of these looks! The last one is my favorite... gotta have those boots! :-)

you say, "pointless"... i say, "enchanting"... potato, po-tah-to! ♥♥♥♥♥

i like the second get up ;) so sleek and casual ;)

lovely photos, you are very talented :) good solution for rainy days, too. i like it when practicality and fashion collide.

It's not the shorts and it's not the rain...
It might be pointless, but soft edges are more memorable, anyway.

..tomorrow Friday again...have you any post to show???

Have a lovly weekend Agnes x

You wrote in reply to Ms. Andi that, "My legs are short and chubby. I just don't care." Your reply triggered an argument between Rider and me.

Now, don't misunderstand me. We both think your legs are beautiful. We're just arguing about whether I should tell you so.


"Agnes is just plain wrong when she says her 'legs are short and chubby,'" I said to Rider. "I'm going to tell her she's wrong."

"You can't do that," Rider said. "You can't just comment on Agnes' blog and say, 'You've got beautiful legs.'"

"Why not?"

"Because Agnes is cultured, educated, and intelligent. She'll hate you if you tell her that."

"I don't understand what you're saying, Rider. Agnes has beautiful legs. That's a fact. She won't get angry at me for stating a simple fact, will she?"

"Sure she will," Rider replied. "Look at the comments of all her friends. Not a single one wrote, 'You have beautiful legs, Agnes.' If you write that, then she will think you're an uncultured, unintelligent, uneducated, backwoods hick."

"I don't care," I said. "Truth is truth."


Rider thinks I don't understand women. But, who cares what he thinks?

You have beautiful legs, Agnes.

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